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1, 2, 3SOUL & MODERN DANCESwingy Disco
12th Street RagSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuickstep
12th Street RegU.S. TRADFast Regtime
A Child Is BornBIG BAND & SWINGJazz Waltz 2
A FeliciadeLATINSamba
A Lovely Way To Spend An EveningBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
A Man And A WomanLATINPiano Bossa
A Man Chases A Girl (Until She Catches Him)SHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
A Night In TunisiaJAZZ COMBOJazz Trio
A Nightingale Sang In Berkley SquareJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 1
A Teenager In LoveR&ROLL & BLUESOldies
A Walk In The Black ForestSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuickstep
Aces High (Luftwaffe Marsch)MARCH & WALTZGerman March
AdelheitPARTY TIMEParty Pop
AdiosBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
Adios AmorPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
Adios MuchachosLATINTango Europe
After You've GoneJAZZ COMBOClub Combo
After You've GoneSTANDARD ROCKSwing Rock 2
Ain't Misbehavin'BIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
Ain't Misbehavin'SHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEShow Stride
Ain't She SweetU.S. TRADSlow Ragtime
Alabama JubileeCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
All By MyselfPOP & BALLAD16Bt Ballad 2
All I Do Is Want To Have Some FunR&ROLL & BLUESOldies
All My LovingPOP & BALLAD60,s Pop
All Of MeBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
All Of MeBIG BAND & SWINGSwing Combo
All Of MeJAZZ COMBOAccordionJazz
All Of MeJAZZ COMBOJazz Quartet
All Shook UpR&ROLL & BLUESPiano R&roll
All That's She WantsSOUL & MODERN DANCEDance Reggae
All The Things You AreBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
AlleinMARCH & WALTZClassicVienna
AllwaysMARCH & WALTZWaltz
Alone AgainFUNK & FUSSIONSwingy Funk 2
Alone AgainPOP & BALLAD16Bt Ballad 1
Alte KameradenMARCH & WALTZGerman March
Am Weissen Strand Von San AngeloPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
AmapolaFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
AmapolaPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
Amazing GraceU.S. TRADGospel 3/4
AmenU.S. TRADRoaring 20's
AmericaR&ROLL & BLUESTwist
American PatrolBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Fast
American PatrolBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
American PatrolPARTY TIMEBigBand Train
AmorFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
Amor, AmorPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
AmoradaFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
And I Love HerSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
And I Love Her SoPOP & BALLADE.P. Ballad
AnnelieseMARCH & WALTZGerman March
AnneliesePARTY TIMEParty Pop
Another Day In ParadiseSTANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
Anything GoesSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuick Foxtrot
ApachePOP & BALLAD60,s Pop
April In ParisBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Mid
April ShowersBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
April ShowersSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
Arrivederci RomaLATINTango Europe
As Times Goes ByJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 2
At The HopR&ROLL & BLUESPiano R&roll
Auf Den AutobahnCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
Auf WiedersehnSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
Auld Lang SynePARTY TIMEChristmastime
Aus B÷hmen Kommt Die MusikMARCH & WALTZGerman March
Autumn LeavesBIG BAND & SWINGRomanticSwing
Autumn LeavesJAZZ COMBOAccordionJazz
Autumn LeavesJAZZ COMBOJazz Quartet
Autumn LeavesSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEParis Ballad
Ave MariaPOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
Ay No DigasPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
Baby FaceCOUNTRYSaloon Bar
Baby FaceJAZZ COMBOClub Combo
Baby LoveSOUL & MODERN DANCESoul Shuffle
Back Home Again In IndianaU.S. TRADDixie Band
Ballade Pour AdelinePOP & BALLADPiano Pop
Basin Street BluesU.S. TRADOrgan Blues
Basin Street BluesU.S. TRADSlow Blues
Batucade (En Latin-rytme)LATINSamba
Beautiful BodySTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
Begin The BeguineLATINBeguine
Begin The BeguineLATINBolero
Bei Mir Bist Du Immer So Sch÷nLATINBolero
Bel AmiBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
Besame MuchoLATINBeguine
Besame MuchoLATINMambo
Besame MuchoLATINRhumba
Besame MuchoLATINRhumba Pianist
Beyond The SeaSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
Biene MajaSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
Big Bad Leroy BrownR&ROLL & BLUES70's Shuffle
Big Girls Don't CryR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
Big Train From MemphisCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
Bill Bailey Won't You Pleace Come HomeU.S. TRADRoaring 20's
Blau, Blau, Bl?ht Der EnzianPARTY TIMEParty Pop
Blau, Blau, Bl?ht Der EnzianPARTY TIMEPop March 1
Blowing In The WindCOUNTRYCountry Rock2
Blue BayouLATINRhumba Pianist
Blue HawaiiU.S. TRADHavaiian
Blue MoonBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
Blue MoonBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 1
Blue RoomBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 1
Blue TangoLATINTango Piano
Blueberry HillCOUNTRYCountry Piano
BluesetteBIG BAND & SWINGJazz Waltz 1
BluesetteBIG BAND & SWINGJazz Waltz 2
BluesetteBIG BAND & SWINGSimpleJazz 3/4
Boogie Woogie Bugle BoyBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Fast
Born FreeSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
Born FreeSTANDARD ROCKSimple 8 Beat
Born To Be AlivePARTY TIMETechnoCountry
Born To Be BluePOP & BALLADR&B Ballad
BrazilFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
BrazilSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco Samba
Brian's SongSTANDARD ROCKSimple 8 Beat
Buena SeraR&ROLL & BLUESShuffleBoogie
Build Me Up ButtercupSOUL & MODERN DANCESoul Shuffle
By The Light Of The Silvery MoonSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
By The Time I Get To PhoenixPOP & BALLADPiano Pop
Bye Bye BlackbirdSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
Bye Bye BlackbirdSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEShow Stride
Bye Bye BluesJAZZ COMBOClub Combo
Bye Bye BluesSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuickstep
CabaretSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
California Dreamin'STANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 1
Call MeLATINBossanova 2
Camptown RacesCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
Camptown RacesPARTY TIMEPop March 1
CandidaSTANDARD ROCK70's Rock
CandidaSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 1
Can't Buy Me LovePOP & BALLAD60,s Pop
Can't Get By Without YouFUNK & FUSSIONJazz Pop
Can't Help Falling In LovePOP & BALLADRock Ballad
Can't Help Falling In Love With YouSOUL & MODERN DANCESoul Ballad
Careless WhisperPOP & BALLAD16Bt Ballad 1
Careless WhisperSTANDARD ROCKSimple 16Beat
CeciliaPARTY TIME70's Party
C'est Si BonJAZZ COMBOClub Combo
C'est Si BonSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
Chanson D'amorPOP & BALLADShuffleBallad
CharadeMARCH & WALTZWaltz
Charlie BrownSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco Samba
Chatanooga Choo ChooPARTY TIMEBigBand Train
Cheek To CheekSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
Cheek To CheekSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
Chega De SaudadeLATINSamba
CherokeeBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Fast
Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom WhiteLATINCha Cha
Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom WhiteLATINMambo
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep CheepSTANDARD ROCK70's Rock
Cinderella BabyR&ROLL & BLUESOldies
Cindy, Oh CindyR&ROLL & BLUESOldies
Circus Polka MARCH & WALTZPolka 2/4
Clarinet PolkaMARCH & WALTZPolka 2/4
Cocktails For TwoLATINModern Mambo
Coco-JamboSOUL & MODERN DANCEDance Reggae
Colonel BogeyMARCH & WALTZUSA March 2/4
Come Back And StayPOP & BALLAD80's Pop
Come To The "Cabaret"SHOWTIME & TRAD DANCECabaret
CongratulationPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
CopacabanaLATINModern Samba
CopacabanaSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco Samba
Cotteneye JoePARTY TIMETechnoCountry
Cotton Fields Back HomeCOUNTRYCountry 2step
Could I Have This DanceCOUNTRYCountry Waltz
Could It Be MagicPOP & BALLAD80's Pop
Country RoadsCOUNTRYCountry Rock2
Cracklin' RosieSTANDARD ROCK70's Rock
Crocodile RockSTANDARD ROCK70'sPianoRock
Cry Me A RiverJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 1
CumparsitaLATINTango Piano
Dancing In The DarkBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
Dancing In The DarkLATINRhumba Pianist
Dancing On The CeilingJAZZ COMBOJazz Trio
Darktown Strutter's BallU.S. TRADRoaring 20's
Das Wandern Ist Des M³ller's LustPARTY TIMEParty Pop
Day DreamBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
Days Of Wine And RosesBIG BAND & SWINGShow Band
Days Of Wine And RosesJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 1
Days Of Wine And RosesJAZZ COMBOJazz Quintet
Deep In The Heart Of TexasPARTY TIMESquare Dance
Deep PurpleBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Mid
Deep PurpleBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
Dein Ist Mein Gouzes HertzLATINTango Europe
DelicadoFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
DesifinadoLATINBossanova 1
DianaR&ROLL & BLUESOldies
DianaSTANDARD ROCK70'sPianoRock
Didn't We Almost Have It AllPOP & BALLADE.P. Ballad
Didn't We Almost Have It AllSTANDARD ROCK16 Beat 2
Didn't We Almost Have It AllSTANDARD ROCK16 Beat Slow
Die Kleine KneipePOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
Die Lustigen Holzhacker-BuamPARTY TIMEParty Pop
Die Rose Vom W÷rther SeeMARCH & WALTZGerman March
Die Tiroler Sind LustigPARTY TIMEParty Pop
DindiLATINBossanova 1
Do You Know The Way To San JoseR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
Donau-WellenMARCH & WALTZVienna Dance
Don't Go Breaking My HeartSTANDARD ROCK70'sPianoRock
Don't Say I Love You TomorrowR&ROLL & BLUESOldies
Don't Sit Under The Apple TreeBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Fast
DowntownPOP & BALLAD8 Beat Pop
DowntownR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
DowntownR&ROLL & BLUES60's R&Roll
DreamBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
Drink, Drink, DrinkMARCH & WALTZBavarianWaltz
Earth AngelPOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
Easier Said Than DoneFUNK & FUSSIONJazz Pop
East Of The SunBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
Easy Like Sunday MorningSTANDARD ROCKSwing Rock 1
EdelweissMARCH & WALTZWaltz
Ein Bett Im KornfieldCOUNTRYCountry Rock3
Ein Bischen FriedenLATINRhumba
Ein Bischen FriedenSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
Ein Bischen FriedenSTANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
El BaionLATINSalsa
El BimboLATINRhumba Pianist
El CumbancheroFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
El CumbancheroWORLDMariachi
EloisaPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
EloisaSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
Endless LoveSOUL & MODERN DANCE16Bt Soul
Er Geh÷rt Zu MirSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco 1
Es Kann Der Fr÷mmste Nicht In Frieden LebenPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
Espana CaniLATINPasodoble
Even NowSTANDARD ROCKSimple 16Beat
Every Breath You TakePOP & BALLAD8 Beat Pop
Every Breath You TakeSOUL & MODERN DANCE8Bt Soul
Every Breath You TakeSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 3
Everybody Loves SomebodyJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 2
EverythingSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco 2
Everything Is BeautifulBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
Everything's Coming Up RosesSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBroadway Show
Everytime You Go AwaySTANDARD ROCKSimple 16Beat
Exactly Like YouSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuickstep
Express YourselfSOUL & MODERN DANCEDance 2
Eyes Of BlueSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
Falling In Love With YouPOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
FascinationMARCH & WALTZWaltz
Feel Like Making LoveFUNK & FUSSIONSlow Funk
Feel Like Making LoveFUNK & FUSSIONSwingy Funk 2
Feel Like Making LoveSOUL & MODERN DANCE16Bt Soul
Feel Like Making LoveSTANDARD ROCKSwing Rock 2
FeelingsPOP & BALLADE.P. Ballad
FeelingsSTANDARD ROCKSimple 8 Beat
Fiesta MexicanaPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
Five Foot TwoSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
Five Foot TwoU.S. TRADRoaring 20's
Five Foot Two Eyes Of BlueSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCESoft Shoe
Flash Bang WallopPARTY TIMEHocky Dance
Fly Me To The MoonJAZZ COMBOJazz Quartet
Fly Me To The MoonMARCH & WALTZWaltz
Foggy DayBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Mid
For Me And My GalSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
For Once In My LifeFUNK & FUSSIONSwingy Funk 2
FrenesiaLATINCha Cha
Funiculi FuniculaWORLDTarantella
Garden PartyR&ROLL & BLUES70's Shuffle
Gentle On My MindPARTY TIME70's Party
Georgia On My MindPOP & BALLADR&B Ballad
Georgia On My MindSOUL & MODERN DANCESoul Ballad
Girl From IpenemaLATINBossanova 1
Girl From IpenemaLATINBossanova 2
Give Me That Old Time ReligionWORLDSwingy Reggae
Give Me The Simple LifeJAZZ COMBOJazz Quartet
Give My Regards To BroadwaySHOWTIME & TRAD DANCECabaret
Goin' Out Of My HeadSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Slow
Going Out Of My HeadSOUL & MODERN DANCE8Bt Soul
Gold Und SilberMARCH & WALTZVienna Dance
Gonna Build A MountainU.S. TRADGospelRevival
Gonna Travel OnU.S. TRADGospelShuffle
Gonne Travel OnU.S. TRADGospel 4/4
Good King WencesslasPARTY TIMEChristmastime
Good Luck CharmR&ROLL & BLUESShuffleBoogie
Gotta Get You Into My LifeSTANDARD ROCKShuffleH. Rock
Green Dolphin StreetJAZZ COMBOModern Jazz
Green Green Grass Of HomeCOUNTRYCountryBallad
Green Green Grass Of HomeSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
Guardien AngelSTANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
Guten MorgenMARCH & WALTZBavarianPolka
Hallo, Kleines FrõuleinSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuickstep
Hands Up, Baby Hands Up!FUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
Hanging Out The Washing On The Siegfried LineCOUNTRYSaloon Bar
Hard Day's NightPOP & BALLAD60,s Pop
Hava NagielaWORLDRussian Dance
Have Yourself A Merry Little ChristmasPARTY TIMEChristmastime
Hawaiian War ChantU.S. TRADHawaiiShuffle
Hawaiian Wedding SongU.S. TRADHavaiian
He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)POP & BALLADH.Rock Ballad
Heaven Must Be Missing An AngelSOUL & MODERN DANCEDance 1
HeidiPARTY TIMEParty Pop
Heigh-Ho Heig-Ho!PARTY TIMEPop March 1
Helene PolkaMARCH & WALTZPolka 2/4
HelloPOP & BALLAD8Bt PopBallad
Hello DollyJAZZ COMBOClub Combo
Hello DollySHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuick Foxtrot
Hello DollySHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuickstep
Hello JosephinaR&ROLL & BLUESTwist
Hello Mary LouR&ROLL & BLUESPiano R&roll
Hello Mary LouSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
Hello, Young LoversBIG BAND & SWINGJazz Waltz 1
Help Me Make It Through The NightCOUNTRYCountry Piano
Here, There And EverywhereSTANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
Here, There And EverywhereSTANDARD ROCKSimple 8 Beat
HerzileinMARCH & WALTZBavarianWaltz
He's Got The Whole World In His HandU.S. TRADGospelRevival
Heut'ist Ein Feiertag F³r MichMARCH & WALTZVienna Dance
Hey Amigo CharlySOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco Samba
Hey JudePOP & BALLADPiano Pop
Himbeer Eis Zum Fr³hst³ckSTANDARD ROCK70's Rock
Hoch Auf Dem Gelben WagenPARTY TIMEParty Pop
Home On The RangeCOUNTRYCountry 2step
Honeysuckle RoseJAZZ COMBOAccordionJazz
Honeysuckle RoseJAZZ COMBOClub Combo
Honeysuckle RoseJAZZ COMBOGipsy Jazz
Honeysuckle RoseJAZZ COMBOJazz Combo
Honky CatR&ROLL & BLUESModern R&Roll
H§nsel Und Grete!PARTY TIMETechnoCountry
Hot StuffSOUL & MODERN DANCESwingy Disco
How Can You Mend A Broken HeartSOUL & MODERN DANCESoul Ballad
How Deep Is Your LoveSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 3
How Deep Is Your LoveSTANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
How Do You Do It?POP & BALLADPiano Pop
How High The MoonJAZZ COMBOJazz Quartet
How High The MoonJAZZ COMBOModern Jazz
How IntensitiveLATINBossanova 1
Hundert Bunte BõnderSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
Hymn To FreedomU.S. TRADSlow Blues
I Can See Clearly NowSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco 1
I Can't Give You Anything But LoveJAZZ COMBOGipsy Jazz
I Can't Give You Enything But LoveBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
I Can't Help Falling In Love With YouPOP & BALLADShuffleBallad
I Could Be So Good For YouPOP & BALLAD8 Beat Pop
I Could Write A BookJAZZ COMBOJazz Trio
I Cried For YouJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 1
I Cross The LineCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
I Don't Know How To Love HimPOP & BALLAD8Bt PopBallad
I Feel PrettyBIG BAND & SWINGSimpleJazz 3/4
I Get A Kick Out Of YouBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
I Get A Kick Out Of YouSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
I Go To RioLATINModern Samba
I Got RhythmSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBroadway Show
I Have A DreamSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
I Just Call to Say I Love YouSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 3
I Know WhyBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
I Like ItPOP & BALLAD60,s Pop
I Love ParisJAZZ COMBOAccordionJazz
I Love You And Don't You Forget ItFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
I Love You BecauseCOUNTRYCountryBallad
I Love Your SmileFUNK & FUSSIONSwingy Funk 1
I Never Can Say GoodbyeSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco 1
I Say A Little PrayerR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
I See This Train Is ComingPARTY TIME70's Party
I Want To Go HomeCOUNTRYCountry Rock2
I Want To Hold Your HandR&ROLL & BLUES60's R&Roll
I Will Wait For YouBIG BAND & SWINGRomanticSwing
I Will Wait For YouSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEParis Ballad
I Wish You LoveBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 1
I Wonder Why?BIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
I Won't DanceSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
I Won't Send RosesSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
Ibiza !PARTY TIMEGerman Pop
Ich Komme WiederPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
If I Had A HammerR&ROLL & BLUESTwist
If I Had A HammerU.S. TRADGospel 4/4
I'll Be Home For ChristmasPARTY TIMEChristmastime
I'm A BeliverPOP & BALLAD60,s Pop
I'm Beginning To See The LightBIG BAND & SWINGSwing Combo
I'm Beginning To See The LightJAZZ COMBOGipsy Jazz
I'm Getting Sentimental Over YouBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A LetterSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
I'm In The Mood For LoveBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
I'm Leaving On A Jet PlainSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
Imperial WaltzMARCH & WALTZVienna Dance
ImpossibleSOUL & MODERN DANCEDance 1
In A Little Spanish TownLATINCha Cha
In A Sentimental MoodBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
In Munchen Steht Ein HofbrõhausMARCH & WALTZBavarianWaltz
In My Father's HouseU.S. TRADGospel 4/4
In The MoodPARTY TIMEBigBand Train
In The Still Of The NightBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
Irish Washer WomanWORLDIrish Jig
IrresistiblePOP & BALLAD80's Pop
Island In The SunWORLDCalypso
Isle Of CapriLATINBolero
Isle Of CapriLATINCha Cha
It All Depends On The Mood I'm InBIG BAND & SWINGSimpleJazz 3/4
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)JAZZ COMBOGipsy Jazz
It Had To Be YouJAZZ COMBOJazz Quartet
It Had To Be YouJAZZ COMBOLounge Piano
It Might Be YouSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 3
It's A HeartacheCOUNTRYCountry Rock1
It's A Long Way To TipperaryCOUNTRYSaloon Bar
It's A Small WorldPARTY TIMEPop March 1
It's De-LovelyBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
It's ImpossiblePOP & BALLADE.P. Ballad
It's My PartyR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot BikiniPARTY TIMEParty Pop
I've Got A Crush On YouJAZZ COMBOLounge Piano
I've Got The Sun In The MorningSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
I've Got You Under My SkinBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
I've Grown Accustomed To Her FaceBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing
JadaJAZZ COMBOClub Combo
JambalayaCOUNTRYCountry Pop
JealousyLATINTango Europe
Jeepers CreepersJAZZ COMBOAccordionJazz
Jeepers CreepersJAZZ COMBOGipsy Jazz
Jetzt Geht Die Party Richtig LosPARTY TIME70's Party
Jewish DanceWORLDRussian Dance
Johnny AngelR&ROLL & BLUESOldies
JulieR&ROLL & BLUESShuffleBoogie
Just A Closer Walk With TheeU.S. TRADDixie Band
Just A Closer Walk With TheeU.S. TRADGospelRevival
Just A GigoloR&ROLL & BLUESShuffleBoogie
Just The Way You ArePOP & BALLADE.P. Ballad
Kalimba De LunaSOUL & MODERN DANCEDance Reggae
Kansas CityCOUNTRYCountry Blues
KatrinPOP & BALLADRock Ballad
Killing Me SoftlyPOP & BALLADE.P. Ballad
King Of The RoadCOUNTRYCountry 2step
King Of The RoadCOUNTRYCountry Blues
Kingston TownLATINCarib
Kingston TownWORLDCalypso
Kiss Me QuickR&ROLL & BLUESOldies
Klarinetten Muck'lMARCH & WALTZPolka 2/4
Klarinetten Muck'l (The Clarinet Polka)MARCH & WALTZBavarianPolka
Knees Up Mother BrownPARTY TIMEHocky Dance
Knock Three TimesSTANDARD ROCK70's Rock
Kreuzberger NõchtePARTY TIMEPop March 1
Kriminal TangoLATINTango Europe
KufsteinliedMARCH & WALTZBavarianWaltz
La MerBIG BAND & SWINGRomanticSwing
La Mer (Beyond The Sea)BIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 1
La PalomaPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
La PalomaSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
La Paloma BlancaPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
Lambeth WalkCOUNTRYSaloon Bar
Lass Die Sonne In Dein HertzSOUL & MODERN DANCEDance Reggae
Last ChristmasPOP & BALLAD80's Pop
LauraBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
LauraBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
LauraJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 2
Lavender's BlueMARCH & WALTZSimple Waltz
Lazy RiverJAZZ COMBOJazz Combo
Lazy RiverJAZZ COMBOJazz Trio
Leaning On A LampostSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
Let Me Try AgainPOP & BALLAD8Bt PopBallad
Let There Be LoveBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 1
Let There Be LoveJAZZ COMBOJazz Quintet
Let Your Love GoCOUNTRYCountry Rock3
Let's Twist AgainR&ROLL & BLUESTwist
Liberty BellMARCH & WALTZUSA March 6/8
Lichtensteiner PolkaMARCH & WALTZPolka 2/4
Lichtensteiner PolkaPARTY TIME70's Party
Like A VirginSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco 1
Like Someone In LoveJAZZ COMBOJazz Trio
Listen To The MusicCOUNTRYCountry Rock3
Little BoatLATINCumbia
Little Brown JugBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Fast
Little Brown JugBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
Little DarlingJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 1
Little Grass ShackU.S. TRADOrgan Blues
Little JenniePOP & BALLAD80's Pop
Living Next Door To AliceSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
Liza (All The Clouds Will Roll Away)JAZZ COMBOJazz Trio
Lock LomondWORLDScotish Reel
Look What They've Done to My SongU.S. TRADDixie Pianist
Love Boat SOUL & MODERN DANCEDance 1
Love Is A Many Splendored ThingSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
Love Is All AroundPOP & BALLAD8Bt PopBallad
Love Is BlueSTANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
Love Is BlueSTANDARD ROCKSimple 8 Beat
Love Is Here To StaySHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
Love Me TenderPOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
Love Me TenderSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
Love Me TenderSTANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
Love StoryPOP & BALLAD8Bt Ballad
Love Will Keep Us TogetherSTANDARD ROCK70'sPianoRock
LoverBIG BAND & SWINGJazz Waltz 1
Lover Come Back To MeJAZZ COMBOJazz Trio
Luck Be A LadySHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBroadway Show
LullabyMARCH & WALTZSimple Waltz
Lullaby Of BirdlandJAZZ COMBOJazz Combo
Lullaby Of BirdlandJAZZ COMBOJazz Quintet
Lullaby Of BirdlandJAZZ COMBOModern Jazz
Lullaby Of BroadwayU.S. TRADRoaring 20's
Lullaby Of The LeavesJAZZ COMBOGipsy Jazz
MacarenaSOUL & MODERN DANCECaribarena
Mackie Messer (Mack The Knife)SHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuickstep
Magic MomentsSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
Make The World Go AwayCOUNTRYCountryBallad
Making WhoopieSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEShow Stride
MameJAZZ COMBOJazz Combo
MandySTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 3
Maple Leaf RagU.S. TRADFast Regtime
MariannFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
MarinaFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
Marina, MarinaWORLDMariachi
MassachusettsSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
MatchmakerBIG BAND & SWINGSimpleJazz 3/4
MathildaSOUL & MODERN DANCEDance Reggae
MatrimonyPOP & BALLADSlowSwingRock
Maybe It's Because I'm A LondonerCOUNTRYSaloon Bar
McNamara's BandWORLDIrish Jig
Me And My ShadowSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEShow Stride
MeditationLATINBossanova 1
MeditationLATINBossanova 2
Mein Vater War Ein Wandersmann (Happy Wanderer)PARTY TIMEParty Pop
Melody Of LovePARTY TIMEParty Pop
MemoriesSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEVegas Pianist
MemoryPOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
MemoryPOP & BALLADOrch. Ballad
Merci CherriePOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
Mexican Hat DanceWORLDMariachi
Midnight CowboySTANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
Midnight TangoLATINTango Piano
Militõr MarschMARCH & WALTZGerman March
Miss Marple's ThemeR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
MississippieSTANDARD ROCK70's Rock
MistyJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 1
MistyJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 2
MistyJAZZ COMBOLounge Piano
Monday MondayR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
Moon Over NaplesLATINBeguine
Moon RiverMARCH & WALTZWaltz
MoonglowBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 1
MoonglowBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
Moonlight In VermontBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
Moonlight SerenadeBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
MoreLATINPiano Bossa
Mornin'STANDARD ROCKSwing Rock 2
MorningFUNK & FUSSIONSlow Funk
MorningFUNK & FUSSIONSwingy Funk 1
MorningPOP & BALLADSlowSwingRock
Morning SkyPARTY TIMEPop March 1
Movie StarPARTY TIMEPop March 1
Movie StarSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco 1
Mr. LuckyJAZZ COMBOJazz Quintet
Mr. WonderfulSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
My Favourite ThingsBIG BAND & SWINGSimpleJazz 3/4
My Favourite ThingsMARCH & WALTZSimple Waltz
My Girl LollipopR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
My Old ManPARTY TIMEHocky Dance
My WayPOP & BALLADE.P. Ballad
My Wonderful OneSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEParis Ballad
Navy Blue And GoldMARCH & WALTZUSA March 6/8
Never Gonne Give You UpSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco 1
Never On A SundayLATINCha Cha
Never On A SundayWORLDSirtaki
Night And DayJAZZ COMBOJazz Trio
Night And DayLATINBolero
Night And DayLATINRhumba Pianist
Night FeverSOUL & MODERN DANCEEuro Disco
Night TrainR&ROLL & BLUESBlues R&Roll
Night TrainU.S. TRADOrgan Blues
No Woman No CryWORLDModern Reggae
Nothing Could Be Finer (Than To Be In Carolina)COUNTRYSaloon Bar
Nothing's Going To Change My Love For YouSTANDARD ROCK16 Beat 2
Notre Dame Victory MarchMARCH & WALTZUSA March 2/4
Notre Dame Victory MarchPARTY TIMEPop March 2
O, Sole MioLATINBeguine
O, Sole MioLATINBolero
O, Sole MioLATINTango Europe
Obla-di Obla-daPARTY TIMEChristmastime
Off We Go Into The Wide Blue YonderMARCH & WALTZUSA March 6/8
Oh BoyR&ROLL & BLUESPiano R&roll
Oh SusannaBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
Oh SusannaPARTY TIMESquare Dance
Oh SusannahCOUNTRYBluegrass
Oh SusannePARTY TIMETechnoCountry
Oh When The SaintsSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
Old Rugged CrossU.S. TRADGospel 3/4
Ole GaupaLATINTango Europe
On The Street Where You LiveSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
On The Street Where You LiveSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuickstep
Once In A WhileBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
Once In Royal David's CityPARTY TIMEChristmastime
One Note SambaLATINModern Samba
One Note SambaLATINSamba
One Way WindSTANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
Os Grillos (Die Grillen Singen)LATINSamba
Our Day Will ComeLATINCumbia
Our Day Will ComeLATINPiano Bossa
OverallPARTY TIMEPop March 1
Paper MoonJAZZ COMBOJazz Quartet
Paper RosesBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
Paper RosesCOUNTRYCountry Pop
Paper RosesCOUNTRYCountryBallad
Paper RosesSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
Pass The DutchieWORLDModern Reggae
PatriciaLATINModern Mambo
Pennies From HeavenJAZZ COMBOJazz Combo
Pennies From HeavenSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
Pennsylvania 6-5000PARTY TIMEBigBand Train
Penny LoverSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Slow
Penthouse SerenadeBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 1
PepitoLATINCha Cha
PerfidiaLATINCha Cha
PerfidiaLATINRhumba Pianist
Petit FleurSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
Pick Yourself UpJAZZ COMBOGipsy Jazz
PinokkioPARTY TIMETechnoCountry
Please Please MePOP & BALLAD60,s Pop
Please Release MeCOUNTRYCountry Piano
Polonaise BlankenesePARTY TIMEParty Pop
Polonaise BlankenesePARTY TIMEParty Pop
Pour FavreLATINModern Mambo
Puff The Magic DragonCOUNTRYFolk Rock
Puppet On A StringPARTY TIMEPop March 1
Put On A Happy FaceSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
Quando QuandoFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
Quando QuandoLATINMerengue
QuantanameraSOUL & MODERN DANCECaribarena
Que Sera, SeraMARCH & WALTZMusette Waltz
Quiet Nights Of Quiet StarsLATINBossanova 1
Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart)STANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
Radetzky MarschMARCH & WALTZGerman March
Rainstorm CowboyCOUNTRYCountry Rock2
Rainy Night In GeorgiaSTANDARD ROCKSimple 16Beat
Ra-Ta-Ta-TaPARTY TIME70's Party
Red River ValleyBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
Red River ValleyPARTY TIMESquare Dance
Red Roses For A Blue LadyBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
Red Roses For A Blue LadyBIG BAND & SWINGShow Band
Reet PetiteR&ROLL & BLUESShuffleBoogie
Reggae NightSOUL & MODERN DANCEDance Reggae
Reggae NightsSOUL & MODERN DANCEEuro Disco
Rhythm Of The RainSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
Right Said FredPARTY TIMEHocky Dance
Robert E. LeeCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
Rock Around The ClockR&ROLL & BLUESShuffleR&Roll
Rockaby My BabySHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
Rocky Top TennesseeCOUNTRYBluegrass
RomanceMARCH & WALTZSimple Waltz
RosamundePARTY TIMEParty Pop
Rose GardenSTANDARD ROCK70's Rock
Rose GardenSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 1
Round' MidnightJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 1
Rucki ZuckiPARTY TIMEParty Pop
Rucki ZuckiPARTY TIMEPop March 1
RunawayR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
S¾ Zueira SOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco Samba
Sabre DanceWORLDRussian Dance
Sail Along Silv'ry MoonCOUNTRYCountry Piano
Sail Along Silv'ry MoonPOP & BALLADShuffleBallad
Samba De OrleuLATINSamba
San FranciscoSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 2
Satin DollBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Mid
Save The Last Dance For Me (Darling)R&ROLL & BLUESOldies
Save Your Love For MePOP & BALLADOrch. Ballad
Save Your Love For MePOP & BALLADRock Ballad
Saving All My Love For YouPOP & BALLADRock Ballad
Say "Si, Si"LATINPiano Bossa
Say You, Say MeSTANDARD ROCK8Bt Standard
Scarborough FairMARCH & WALTZSimple Waltz
Sch¸ner Fremder Mann (Connie Francis)R&ROLL & BLUESTwist
Schmidtchen SchleicherSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
SchneewalzerMARCH & WALTZVienna Dance
Scotland The BraveWORLDScotish Reel
Seasons In The SandSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 3
Sentimental JourneyBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Mid
Sentimental JourneyBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 1
September In The RainJAZZ COMBOJazz Quintet
September MoonPOP & BALLAD16Bt Ballad 2
September MoonSTANDARD ROCK16 Beat Slow
September SongBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
Shake HandsR&ROLL & BLUESTwist
Shake, Rattle & RollR&ROLL & BLUESBoogie Woogie
Shake, Shake EverybodyR&ROLL & BLUESTwist
She Loves You POP & BALLAD60,s Pop
She'll Be Coming' Round The MountainCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
She's A LadySOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco 1
Side By SideCOUNTRYSaloon Bar
Side By SideSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEShow Stride
Sierra MadrePOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
Singing In The RainSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
Sixteen, Going On SeventeenSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
Skater's WaltzMARCH & WALTZClassicVienna
Skater's WaltzMARCH & WALTZSimple Waltz
Sloop John BCOUNTRYFolk Rock
SmileBIG BAND & SWINGRomanticSwing
Smoke Gets In Your EyesBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
SnowbirdBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
So LongR&ROLL & BLUES70's Shuffle
So NiceLATINBossanova 1
SolitaireSOUL & MODERN DANCE16Bt Soul
Some Broken Hearts Never MendCOUNTRYCountry Pop
Some Broken Hearts Never MendCOUNTRYCountry Rock2
Somebody Stole My GalSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
SomethingSTANDARD ROCKSimple 8 Beat
Something StupidLATINCha Cha
Somewhere Over The RainbowPOP & BALLADOrch. Ballad
Song Sung BlueSTANDARD ROCKSwing Rock 1
South Of The BorderCOUNTRYCountry 2step
Southern NightsCOUNTRYCountry Rock1
Southern NightsCOUNTRYCountry Rock3
Spaniens GitarrenLATINPasodoble
Spanish EyedLATINRhumba
Spanish Gypsy DanceLATINPasodoble
Speak LowLATINPiano Bossa
Spiel Mir Eine Alte MelodiaSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
Spinning WheelFUNK & FUSSIONFunk
SplankyU.S. TRADOrgan Blues
St. Louis BluesU.S. TRADOrgan Blues
Stand By Your ManCOUNTRYCountry Rock2
StarparadePARTY TIME70's Party
Stars And Stripes ForeverMARCH & WALTZUSA March 2/4
Stayin' AliveSOUL & MODERN DANCESwingy Disco
Stompin' At The SavoyBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Mid
Stompin' At The SavoyPARTY TIMEBigBand Train
Stranger On The ShoreSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
Street LifeFUNK & FUSSIONSlow Funk
Sugar Pie Hunny BunchSOUL & MODERN DANCESoul Shuffle
Sugar SugarR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
Sultans Of SwingSTANDARD ROCK70's Rock
Sultans Of SwingSTANDARD ROCK70's Rock
SummertimePOP & BALLADR&B Ballad
SunnyR&ROLL & BLUESRhythm&Blues
Sunshine ReggaeWORLDSwingy Reggae
Surfin' USAR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
Swanee RiverCOUNTRYCountry 2step
Sweet Georgia BrownJAZZ COMBOGipsy Jazz
Sweet Georgia BrownSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCESoft Shoe
S'WonderfulBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
S'WonderfulSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
Take It Easy Altes HausCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
Take The 'A' TrainBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Fast
TammyMARCH & WALTZSimple Waltz
Tango BoleroLATINTango Piano
Tango Of RosesLATINTango Piano
Tanze Mit Mir In Den MorgenLATINTango Europe
Tanzende FingerPARTY TIMEPop March 1
Tea For TwoLATINCha Cha
Tea For TwoLATINMambo
Tell It Like It IsPOP & BALLADRock Ballad
Tennessee WaltzCOUNTRYCountry Waltz
Thanks For The MemoriesJAZZ COMBOJazz Ballad 2
That's EntertainmentSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBroadway Show
The AppartmentSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
The Banana Boat SongWORLDCalypso
The Birdy Dance, Der EntentanzPARTY TIMEBird Dance
The Birth Of The BluesPOP & BALLADR&B Ballad
The Black BottomSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCECabaret
The Blue Danube WaltzMARCH & WALTZClassicVienna
The Blue Danube Waltz (An Der Sch÷nen Blauen)MARCH & WALTZVienna Dance
The Boogie WoogieR&ROLL & BLUESBoogie Woogie
The Boy Next DoorBIG BAND & SWINGSimpleJazz 3/4
The Breeze And ILATINBolero
The Breeze And ILATINCarib
The Breeze And ILATINPiano Bossa
The Candy ManBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
The CatJAZZ COMBOOrgan Combo
The CharlestonU.S. TRADDixie Pianist
The CharlestonU.S. TRADRoaring 20's
The Christmas SongPARTY TIMEChristmastime
The End Of The WorldPOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
The End Of The WorldPOP & BALLADShuffleBallad
The EntertainerU.S. TRADSlow Ragtime
The First Man You RememberSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
The Girls From ParamariboSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco Samba
The Greatest Love Of AllSTANDARD ROCK16 Beat Slow
The Green DoorR&ROLL & BLUESPiano R&roll
The Hokie CokiePARTY TIMEHocky Dance
The HustleSOUL & MODERN DANCEDance 2
The JacksonCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
The Lady Is A TrampBIG BAND & SWINGShow Band
The Last WaltzMARCH & WALTZWaltz
The Loveliest Night Of The YearMARCH & WALTZWaltz
The Nearness Of YouBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
The Nearness Of YouJAZZ COMBOLounge Piano
The Shadow Of Your SmileLATINBolero
The Shadow Of Your SmileLATINRhumba
The Sheik Of ArabyJAZZ COMBOGipsy Jazz
The Song Is YouBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 2
The StripperU.S. TRADOrgan Blues
The Sun Isn't Gonne Shine AnymoreSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 3
The TarantellaWORLDTarantella
The TrombonesMARCH & WALTZUSA March 6/8
The TwistR&ROLL & BLUESTwist
The Way We WereSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Slow
The Way We WereSTANDARD ROCKSimple 8 Beat
There Will Never Be Another YouBIG BAND & SWINGSwing Combo
There Will Never Be Another YouJAZZ COMBOJazz Quartet
There'll Be Sad SongsPOP & BALLAD8Bt PopBallad
There's No Business Like Show BusinessSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBroadway Show
They Can't Take That Away From MeBIG BAND & SWINGSwing Combo
This Is Your LandBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
This Land Is Your LandR&ROLL & BLUESTwist
This Land Is Your LandU.S. TRADRoaring 20's
This Ol' HouseR&ROLL & BLUESShuffleBoogie
This Ol' HouseR&ROLL & BLUESShuffleR&Roll
Thorougly Modern MillieU.S. TRADRoaring 20's
Those Where The DaysSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCECabaret
Through The YearsSTANDARD ROCK16 Beat 2
Tico TicoFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
Tico TicoLATINSalsa
Tico TicoLATINSamba
Tico TicoWORLDMariachi
Tie A Yellow RibbonJAZZ COMBOClub Combo
Tie A Yellow RibbonSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEEuro Foxtrot
Tie A Yellow RibbonSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEQuickstep
Tijuana TaxiPARTY TIME70's Party
Til There Was YouJAZZ COMBOJazz Quintet
Time After TimeJAZZ COMBOJazz Trio
Tin Roof BluesU.S. TRADSlow Blues
Tiroler HolzhackerMARCH & WALTZBavarianPolka
Tiroler HolzhackerPARTY TIMEParty Pop
Together ForeverSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco 1
Tom DooleyCOUNTRYCountry 2step
Top Of The WorldCOUNTRYCountry Pop
Traces Of LovePOP & BALLAD8Bt Ballad
TristezaSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco Samba
Trompeten EchoMARCH & WALTZBavarianPolka
Trompeten EchoMARCH & WALTZPolka 2/4
True LoveMARCH & WALTZWaltz
True Love WaysPOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
Trumpet Cha ChaLATINCha Cha
Try To RememberMARCH & WALTZSimple Waltz
Turkey In The StrawCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
Turkey In The StrawPARTY TIMESquare Dance
Turkey In The StrawPARTY TIMETechnoCountry
Tuxedo JunctionBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Mid
Tuxedo JunctionBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 2
Tuxedo JunctionPARTY TIMEBigBand Train
Twilight TimePOP & BALLADRock Ballad
Twist And ShoutR&ROLL & BLUESTwist
Two Man Sound Disco SambaSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco Samba
Two Sleepy PeoplePOP & BALLADOrch. Ballad
Unchained MelodyPOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
Unchained MelodyPOP & BALLADRock Ballad
UndecidedJAZZ COMBOGipsy Jazz
Under Paris SkiesMARCH & WALTZMusette Waltz
Under The BoardwalkR&ROLL & BLUES60s HitParade
Under The BoardwalkR&ROLL & BLUESOldies
UnforgettableBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 1
Uptown GirlSTANDARD ROCK70's Rock
VenusFUNK & FUSSIONSamba Rock 1
Village TavernPARTY TIMEPop March 1
Village Tavern PolkaMARCH & WALTZPolka 2/4
Viva EspanaLATINPasodoble
Viva l'amourPOP & BALLADSlowSwingRock
Wabash BluesU.S. TRADSlow Blues
Wake Me Up Before You GoPOP & BALLADGerman Ballad
Waltzing MatildaMARCH & WALTZSimple Waltz
Wann Wird's Mal Wieder Richtig SommerCOUNTRYCountry Pop
WaterlooR&ROLL & BLUES70's Shuffle
WaterlooSTANDARD ROCKShuffleH. Rock
Watermelon ManJAZZ COMBOOrgan Combo
Watermelon ManSOUL & MODERN DANCESoul
WaveLATINBossanova 1
WaveLATINBossanova 2
Way Down Yonder In New OrleansU.S. TRADDixie Pianist
Wenn Der Weisse Flieder Wieder Bl³htBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
We're All AloneSOUL & MODERN DANCESoul Rock
What A Difference A Day MadeJAZZ COMBOJazz Quintet
What A Difference A Day MadeLATINCumbia
What A Friend We Have In JesusU.S. TRADRoaring 20's
What A Wonderful WorldPOP & BALLADOrch. Ballad
What A Wonderful WorldPOP & BALLADRock Ballad
What A Wonderful WorldR&ROLL & BLUESOldies
What Kind Of Fool Am IBIG BAND & SWINGOrch. Swing 1
What Kind Of Fool Am IJAZZ COMBOJazz Quintet
WheelsLATINCha Cha
When I Need YouMARCH & WALTZWaltz
When Johnny Comes Marching HomeBIG BAND & SWINGSimple Swing
When The Saints Go Marching InU.S. TRADDixie Band
When You're SmilingJAZZ COMBOJazz Combo
When You're SmilingU.S. TRADFast Regtime
Where Or WhenBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Mid
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By NightPARTY TIMEChristmastime
Whiter Shade Of PalePOP & BALLADH.Rock Ballad
Who's Sorry NowU.S. TRADFast Regtime
Who's Sorry Now?COUNTRYSaloon Bar
Wien Bleibt WienPARTY TIME70's Party
Wien, Wien Nur Du AlleinMARCH & WALTZClassicVienna
Wiener BlutMARCH & WALTZVienna Dance
Wives & LoversBIG BAND & SWINGSimpleJazz 3/4
Woman In LovePOP & BALLAD80's Pop
Wonderland By NightPOP & BALLADRock Ballad
Won't You Play A Simple MelodySHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEPiano Showman
WordsSTANDARD ROCK8 Beat Rock 3
Working 9 to 5R&ROLL & BLUESRhythm&Blues
Wouldn't It Be LovelySHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEHollywood
Yakety SaxCOUNTRYMod.Bluegrass
Yankee Doodle DandyMARCH & WALTZUSA March 2/4
Yankey Doodle DandySHOWTIME & TRAD DANCECabaret
Yellow BirdLATINCarib
Yellow RiverPARTY TIMEGerman Pop
Yellow RiverSOUL & MODERN DANCEDisco 1
Yellow Rose Of TexasPARTY TIMEParty Pop
Yellow Rose Of TexasPARTY TIMETechnoCountry
YesterdayPOP & BALLADPiano Pop
YesterdaySTANDARD ROCKSimple 8 Beat
Yesterday Once MorePOP & BALLAD8Bt Ballad
Yippie Yajo, Yippie Yippie Yaj !COUNTRYBluegrass
You Are My SunshineCOUNTRYCountry Pop
You Are The Sunshine Of My LifeFUNK & FUSSIONSwingy Funk 2
You Made Me Love YouBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Slow 1
You Made Me Love YouBIG BAND & SWINGDance Band
You Needed MeCOUNTRYCountryBallad
You To Me Are EverythingFUNK & FUSSIONJazz Pop
Your Cheatin' HeartCOUNTRYCountry 2step
Your Cheatin' HeartCOUNTRYCountryBallad
Your Mama Don't DanceR&ROLL & BLUESBlues R&Roll
Your Mama Don't DanceSTANDARD ROCKShuffleH. Rock
You're Always On My MindSOUL & MODERN DANCEEuro Disco
YoursLATINPiano Bossa
Zing Went The Strings Of My HeartBIG BAND & SWINGBig Band Fast
Zorba's DanceWORLDSirtaki
Zwei In Einer Grossen StadtSHOWTIME & TRAD DANCEBallroom Fox
9pm (Till I Come)05 Styles Series Y14Ibiza2002138
A Hard Day's Night 10 Styles Series Y1860sRock2154
A Swinging Safari13 Styles Series Y120Swing2152
A Walk Through The Black Forest03 Styles Series Y13Foxtrot184
A Whiter Shade Of Pale01 Styles Series Y116OrganBallad78
Aber Bitte Mit Sahne12 Styles Series Y15RootRock134
AberDichGibt'sNurEinmalFurMich01 Styles Series Y166-8SlowRock168
Absolutely Everybody05 Styles Series Y110TechnoParty124
Aces High / Luftwaffe March08 Styles Series Y116-8March112
Achy Breaky Heart11 Styles Series Y12CountryRock130
Agadou04 Styles Series Y19DiscoHands124
Alexander's Ragtime Band13 Styles Series Y112Dixieland1220
All At Once01 Styles Series Y1216BeatBallad168
All By Myself01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad64
All I Have To Do Is Dream10 Styles Series Y1460s8Beat106
All My Loving03 Styles Series Y14Jive176
All Shook Up03 Styles Series Y14Jive174
Alles Braucht Im Leben SeineZeit03 Styles Series Y110SchlagerAlp122
Aloha Oe06 Styles Series Y113Hawaiian102
Alone Again Naturally01 Styles Series Y1116Beat88
Always03 Styles Series Y12EnglishWaltz90
Always Have, Always Will11 Styles Series Y18DetroitPop2150
Always On My Mind01 Styles Series Y113CountryBallad72
Amboss Polka09 Styles Series Y14PolkaPop116
American Patrol13 Styles Series Y14BigBandFast2185
An Der Schonen Blauen Donau03 Styles Series Y119VienneseWaltz1180
And Then He Kissed Me10 Styles Series Y115BubblegumPop130
Anneliese, Ach Anneliese09 Styles Series Y14PolkaPop124
Annie's Song08 Styles Series Y112GuitarSerenade130
Another Day In Paradise01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern102
Any Old Iron09 Styles Series Y16PubPiano116
Apache10 Styles Series Y1560sGuitarPop140
Arrivederci Roma01 Styles Series Y188BeatAdria112
Arrivederci Roma03 Styles Series Y114SchlagerRumba118
At The Hop11 Styles Series Y16CrocoTwist174
Aternitas03 Styles Series Y114SchlagerRumba100
Atlantis Der Berge03 Styles Series Y110SchlagerAlp107
Aus Boehmen Kommt Die Musik09 Styles Series Y14PolkaPop124
Autumn Leaves13 Styles Series Y115JazzClub158
Ave Maria No Morro06 Styles Series Y11Beguine113
Baby Love11 Styles Series Y18DetroitPop2150
Back For Good01 Styles Series Y1116Beat80
Baila Me06 Styles Series Y19DiscoLatin115
Bailamos06 Styles Series Y19DiscoLatin100
Bailando04 Styles Series Y114EuroTrance140
Ballade Pour Adeline01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad72
Bamboleo06 Styles Series Y110Espagnole118
Banana Boat Song06 Styles Series Y11Beguine113
Barbie Girl05 Styles Series Y14Ibiza2002130
Begin The Beguine06 Styles Series Y11Beguine120
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen13 Styles Series Y113GypsySwing232
Believe05 Styles Series Y110TechnoParty130
Besame Mucho06 Styles Series Y11Beguine110
Better Off Alone04 Styles Series Y114EuroTrance138
Beyond The Sea (La Mer)13 Styles Series Y12BigBandBallad96
Big Big World01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern100
Birdie Song08 Styles Series Y12BandMarch96
Blanket On The Ground11 Styles Series Y11CountryPop2177
Blue (Da Ba Dee)04 Styles Series Y114EuroTrance136
Blue (Da Ba Dee)05 Styles Series Y17RetroPop130
Blue Suede Shoes12 Styles Series Y12Rock&Roll1186
Bonanza08 Styles Series Y14Bluegrass1142
Boom Boom Boom Boom04 Styles Series Y114EuroTrance138
Boot Scootin' Boogie12 Styles Series Y14RockShuffle125
Brazil06 Styles Series Y117PopSamba112
Bridge Over Troubled Water01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong80
Brown Eyed Girl11 Styles Series Y114HeartBeat148
Build Me Buttercup12 Styles Series Y11PopShuffle2138
Bye Bye Blackbird13 Styles Series Y116MediumJazz148
Bye Bye Blues13 Styles Series Y120Swing2130
Calendar Girl13 Styles Series Y17BigBandShuffle1138
Camptown Races10 Styles Series Y117Country2-4112
Can Can09 Styles Series Y13OrchPolka156
Can Can09 Styles Series Y19Showtune146
Can You Feel The Love Tonight01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong76
Candle In The Wind 01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad72
Can't Get You Out Of My Head05 Styles Series Y17RetroPop126
Can't Help Falling In Love01 Styles Series Y156-8Orchestral64
Can't Help Falling In Love06 Styles Series Y114JumboReggae96
Capri Fischer01 Styles Series Y188BeatAdria114
Capri Fischer03 Styles Series Y114SchlagerRumba118
Carabina08 Styles Series Y118MariachiWaltz172
Careless Whisper01 Styles Series Y1116Beat76
Cavatina08 Styles Series Y112GuitarSerenade88
Celebration04 Styles Series Y16DiscoChocolate120
Chain Reaction11 Styles Series Y18DetroitPop2138
Chanson D'Amour14 Styles Series Y11TapDanceSwing120
Charleston13 Styles Series Y110Charleston206
Charmaine03 Styles Series Y12EnglishWaltz90
Chattahoochie11 Styles Series Y15CowboyBoogie178
Cherry Pink & Apple BlossomWhite03 Styles Series Y11ChaCha132
Chicago13 Styles Series Y14BigBandFast2156
Chicken Reel09 Styles Series Y18ScottishReel124
Children04 Styles Series Y113DreamDance128
Children04 Styles Series Y114EuroTrance137
Cielito Lindo08 Styles Series Y118MariachiWaltz182
Claire13 Styles Series Y119Swing1108
Clarinet Marmalade13 Styles Series Y111DixieJazz224
Clarinet Polka08 Styles Series Y120OberPolka1124
Comment Ca Va04 Styles Series Y19DiscoHands132
Congratulations13 Styles Series Y119Swing1194
Copacabana06 Styles Series Y117PopSamba114
Coward Of The County10 Styles Series Y117Country2-494
Crazy01 Styles Series Y166-8SlowRock169
Crazy05 Styles Series Y17RetroPop135
Crocodile Rock11 Styles Series Y16CrocoTwist176
D.I.S.C.O.04 Styles Series Y19DiscoHands122
Da Doo Ron Ron11 Styles Series Y18DetroitPop2150
Da Geht Mir Voll Einer Ab03 Styles Series Y113SchlagerRock130
Daddy DJ05 Styles Series Y14Ibiza2002135
Dancing Queen04 Styles Series Y1170sDisco1104
Danke Schoen13 Styles Series Y120Swing2148
Das Stehn Wir Durch03 Styles Series Y113SchlagerRock132
Daydream Believer11 Styles Series Y18DetroitPop2136
Deep In The Heart Of Texas08 Styles Series Y15Bluegrass2124
Desafinado06 Styles Series Y111FastBossa132
Die Kleine Kneipe01 Styles Series Y110AcousticBallad170
Die Rote Sonne Vom Barbados03 Styles Series Y111SchlagerBeat121
Do You Know Where You're GoingTo01 Styles Series Y112ClassicPianoBld66
Doctor Jones05 Styles Series Y14Ibiza2002140
Dolannes Melodie01 Styles Series Y156-8Orchestral64
Donauwellen (Danube Waves)03 Styles Series Y119VienneseWaltz1182
Don't Be Cruel03 Styles Series Y14Jive168
Don't Cry For Me Argentina01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad80
Don't Go Breaking My Heart10 Styles Series Y1760sRock1142
Don't Leave Me This Way04 Styles Series Y1170sDisco1120
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood04 Styles Series Y1370sDisco3122
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong70
Down By The Riverside11 Styles Series Y15CowboyBoogie180
Downtown10 Styles Series Y1560sGuitarPop128
Du Schwarzer Zigeuner03 Styles Series Y118Tango2130
Easier Said Than Done11 Styles Series Y116JazzPop102
Easy02 Styles Series Y13Slow&Easy64
Edelweiss08 Styles Series Y112GuitarSerenade104
El Bimbo04 Styles Series Y112DiscoSamba122
El Condor Pasa06 Styles Series Y112GypsyRumba166
El Cumbachero06 Styles Series Y117PopSamba124
Elizabethian Serenade01 Styles Series Y156-8Orchestral62
Elvira Madigan01 Styles Series Y156-8Orchestral62
End Of The Road10 Styles Series Y136-8Soul48
Er Gehoehrt Zu Mir04 Styles Series Y1170sDisco1128
Es Gibt Kein Bier Auf Hawaii08 Styles Series Y13BandWaltz188
Everything Changes04 Styles Series Y115FunkyDisco128
Everything I Do I Do It For You01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong70
Eye Of The Tiger10 Styles Series Y1118BeatRock116
Feelings01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong70
Fernando10 Styles Series Y1460s8Beat116
Fields Of Gold01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern100
Five Foot Two13 Styles Series Y113GypsySwing232
Five-hundred Miles06 Styles Series Y113HappyReggae88
Fly Me To The Moon13 Styles Series Y16BigBandMed2126
For Once In My Life04 Styles Series Y1170sDisco1122
Free From Desire04 Styles Series Y14ClubDance128
From A Distance01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong68
Frosty The Snowman08 Styles Series Y17ChristmasSwing1182
Funiculi Funicula09 Styles Series Y111Tarantella136
Ghost Riders In The Sky08 Styles Series Y15Bluegrass2120
Gigolo03 Styles Series Y14Jive146
Go West04 Styles Series Y14ClubDance128
Goldfinger02 Styles Series Y12SecretService80
Goodbye To Love01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad68
Great Balls Of Fire10 Styles Series Y1660sRock&Roll174
Green Green Grass Of Home10 Styles Series Y120CountryPop1102
Guantanamera06 Styles Series Y120RumbaIsland110
Hands Up04 Styles Series Y19DiscoHands124
Happy Days Are Here Again09 Styles Series Y19Showtune136
Happy Polka09 Styles Series Y14PolkaPop124
Have You Met Miss Jones?13 Styles Series Y13BigBandFast1180
HaveYourselfMerryLittleChristmas13 Styles Series Y117MoonlightBallad82
Heal The World01 Styles Series Y1116Beat80
Heartbeat10 Styles Series Y1460s8Beat134
Hello01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad70
Help Yourself10 Styles Series Y120CountryPop1180
Here's That Rainy Day13 Styles Series Y114JazzBallad170
Herzilein08 Styles Series Y13BandWaltz180
Hey Jude02 Styles Series Y11RockBallad76
Hopelessly Devoted To You01 Styles Series Y146-8ModernEP70
Horny05 Styles Series Y19SwingHouse120
Hot Stuff04 Styles Series Y1170sDisco1124
House Of The Rising Sun10 Styles Series Y126-8Blues64
How Deep Is Your Love01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern100
How Will I Know04 Styles Series Y14ClubDance120
I Believe I Can Fly01 Styles Series Y1316BeatBallad266
I Don'tKnowWhy I LoveYouBut I Do01 Styles Series Y166-8SlowRock1112
I Dreamed A Dream01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad76
I Fall To Pieces11 Styles Series Y13CountryShuffle113
I Got Rhythm13 Styles Series Y112Dixieland1218
I Have A Dream12 Styles Series Y16SingrSongWriter106
I Just Called To Say I Love You10 Styles Series Y198Beat1116
I Know Him So Well01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad68
I Left My Heart In San Francisco13 Styles Series Y117MoonlightBallad100
I Love To Love04 Styles Series Y111DiscoPhilly1118
I Love Your Smile04 Styles Series Y118HipHopGroove96
I Miss You Like Crazy01 Styles Series Y1316BeatBallad266
I Only Want To Be With You11 Styles Series Y114HeartBeat134
I Swear01 Styles Series Y113CountryBallad81
I Want To Break Free12 Styles Series Y15RootRock125
I Will Always Love You01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad70
I Will Survive04 Styles Series Y1170sDisco1120
I Write The Songs01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad68
Ich Bin Wie Du04 Styles Series Y110DiscoParty132
I'd Like To Teach TheWorldToSing11 Styles Series Y14CountrySwing1152
If I Could Turn Back Time12 Styles Series Y15RootRock120
If You Don't Know Me By Now10 Styles Series Y136-8Soul34
If You Leave Me Now 01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern100
I'll Be There01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern92
I'll Never Fall In Love Again06 Styles Series Y111FastBossa134
Im Hafen Deiner Sehnsucht03 Styles Series Y111SchlagerBeat114
I'm So Excited11 Styles Series Y17DetroitPop1182
I'm Still Standing11 Styles Series Y17DetroitPop1182
Immer Wieder Sonnstags10 Styles Series Y119Country8Beat2170
In A Little Spanish Town03 Styles Series Y11ChaCha132
In Munchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus09 Styles Series Y11OberWaltzer1192
In The Ghetto01 Styles Series Y113CountryBallad82
In The Mood13 Styles Series Y13BigBandFast1180
In Your Eyes05 Styles Series Y14Ibiza2002135
Invitations11 Styles Series Y116JazzPop110
Island In The Sun06 Styles Series Y120RumbaIsland118
It's A Small World09 Styles Series Y19Showtune122
It's Not Unusual10 Styles Series Y120CountryPop1172
I've Got You Under My Skin13 Styles Series Y16BigBandMed2130
Jambalaya10 Styles Series Y120CountryPop1178
Jealousy03 Styles Series Y118Tango2128
Jingle Bells08 Styles Series Y17ChristmasSwing1194
Just The Two Of Us01 Styles Series Y120R&BBallad86
Just The Way You Are06 Styles Series Y116PopBossa1140
Just When I Needed You Most02 Styles Series Y14Unplugged158
King Of My Castle05 Styles Series Y17RetroPop123
King Of The Road11 Styles Series Y13CountryShuffle126
Kiss From A Rose01 Styles Series Y110AcousticBallad158
Kling Kloeckchen 08 Styles Series Y17ChristmasSwing1164
Kufsteinlied09 Styles Series Y112TraditionalWaltz190
La Ballade Des Gens Heureux 13 Styles Series Y120Swing2122
La Bamba10 Styles Series Y1760sRock1176
La Bamba06 Styles Series Y117PopSamba108
La Bourasque08 Styles Series Y119Musette208
La Cumparsita03 Styles Series Y117Tango1128
La Danza09 Styles Series Y111Tarantella136
La Enterradora08 Styles Series Y118MariachiWaltz188
La Isla Bonita06 Styles Series Y19DiscoLatin100
La Montanara08 Styles Series Y112GuitarSerenade94
La Paloma03 Styles Series Y118Tango2128
Lady In Red01 Styles Series Y118PopBallad77
Lambada06 Styles Series Y17Caribbean112
Last Christmas10 Styles Series Y198Beat1115
Leise Rieselt Der Schnee08 Styles Series Y18ChristmasWaltz82
Let It Be01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong70
Let It Snow08 Styles Series Y17ChristmasSwing1152
Let It Snow09 Styles Series Y17Santa'sSwing158
Let's Twist Again12 Styles Series Y110Twist174
L'importance C'est La Rose13 Styles Series Y117MoonlightBallad98
Lipstick On Your Collar12 Styles Series Y110Twist166
Living Doll13 Styles Series Y17BigBandShuffle1138
Living Next Door To Alice10 Styles Series Y198Beat1132
Loch Lomond09 Styles Series Y18ScottishReel120
Look What Happened To Mabel14 Styles Series Y11TapDanceSwing128
Love Me Tender03 Styles Series Y115SlowFox92
Love Theme From The Godfather 01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad72
Lovely Day01 Styles Series Y120R&BBallad170
Lucille08 Styles Series Y19CountryWaltz144
Lullaby Of Birdland13 Styles Series Y115JazzClub152
Lyin' Eyes10 Styles Series Y118Country8Beat1130
Macarena06 Styles Series Y19DiscoLatin100
Mamma Mia04 Styles Series Y114EuroTrance128
Maria La Bandide08 Styles Series Y118MariachiWaltz170
Mas Que Nada06 Styles Series Y111FastBossa190
Meditation06 Styles Series Y15BossaNova1130
Memory01 Styles Series Y156-8Orchestral62
Mi Chico Latino06 Styles Series Y19DiscoLatin104
Mickey Mouse March08 Styles Series Y16ChildrensMarch120
Midnight In Moscow13 Styles Series Y111DixieJazz210
Midnight In Moscow09 Styles Series Y14PolkaPop66
Milord13 Styles Series Y119Swing1200
Misty13 Styles Series Y114JazzBallad160
Mit 66 Jahren12 Styles Series Y14RockShuffle134
Monday Monday10 Styles Series Y1460s8Beat122
Moon River03 Styles Series Y12EnglishWaltz90
Moonlight Serenade13 Styles Series Y117MoonlightBallad82
More06 Styles Series Y11Beguine110
More Than Words01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern100
Morning Dance05 Styles Series Y15LatinDisco1112
Morning Has Broken01 Styles Series Y110AcousticBallad158
Mornings At Seven01 Styles Series Y156-8Orchestral62
Most Beautiful Girl In The World10 Styles Series Y118Country8Beat1111
Moviestar03 Styles Series Y112SchlagerPop120
Mr. Sandman13 Styles Series Y113GypsySwing232
Mr. Tambourine Man10 Styles Series Y1460s8Beat126
Music Music Music13 Styles Series Y111DixieJazz214
Music To Watch Girls By10 Styles Series Y1460s8Beat148
My Cherie Amour06 Styles Series Y116PopBossa1132
My Darling Clementine08 Styles Series Y19CountryWaltz130
My Girl12 Styles Series Y18SoulBeat114
My Old Man (Don't Dilly Dally)09 Styles Series Y16PubPiano126
Mysterious Times04 Styles Series Y113DreamDance128
Nabucco01 Styles Series Y156-8Orchestral56
Nachts Am Wolgastrand03 Styles Series Y114SchlagerRumba116
Narcotic10 Styles Series Y114BritPop115
Never Can Say Goodbye04 Styles Series Y1170sDisco1125
Never On Sunday03 Styles Series Y11ChaCha128
Night And Day07 Styles Series Y12SlowBossa120
Night Birds11 Styles Series Y116JazzPop110
Night Fever05 Styles Series Y18SaturdayNight110
Nine PM Till I Come04 Styles Series Y114EuroTrance132
No Matter What01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern100
No Tengo Dinero05 Styles Series Y13Ibiza2000126
No Woman No Cry06 Styles Series Y113HappyReggae80
Noch Grosser Als Der Everest03 Styles Series Y112SchlagerPop126
O Sole Mio01 Styles Series Y188BeatAdria110
Oh Happy Day11 Styles Series Y111GospelBrothers108
Oh Susanna08 Styles Series Y14Bluegrass1128
Oh, Lonesome Me11 Styles Series Y15CowboyBoogie186
Old Comrades09 Styles Series Y113USMarch120
Old Rugged Cross10 Styles Series Y112AmazingGospel76
Ole Guapa03 Styles Series Y117Tango1130
On Mother Kelly's Doorstep14 Styles Series Y11TapDanceSwing126
On The Sunny Side Of The Street13 Styles Series Y16BigBandMed2130
One And One04 Styles Series Y113DreamDance128
One Day I'll Fly Away01 Styles Series Y120R&BBallad86
One Note Samba06 Styles Series Y16BrazilianSamba96
Oye Como Va06 Styles Series Y119RockChaCha126
Pack Up Your Troubles09 Styles Series Y16PubPiano130
Paloma Blanca09 Styles Series Y14PolkaPop128
Pathetique Sonata01 Styles Series Y112ClassicPianoBld66
Patricia03 Styles Series Y11ChaCha132
Peggy Sue10 Styles Series Y1860sRock2163
Piano Man08 Styles Series Y19CountryWaltz143
Pick Up The Pieces11 Styles Series Y118KoolShuffle108
Polonese Blankenese11 Styles Series Y119OffBeat128
Popcorn04 Styles Series Y114EuroTrance134
Pretty Woman10 Styles Series Y1560sGuitarPop134
Private Dancer02 Styles Series Y11RockBallad112
Proud Mary10 Styles Series Y1460s8Beat156
Puppet On A String11 Styles Series Y119OffBeat130
Put Your Head On My Shoulder01 Styles Series Y176-8SlowRock272
Quando Quando Quando06 Styles Series Y117PopSamba112
Que Sera Sera08 Styles Series Y13BandWaltz178
Radetzky March08 Styles Series Y110GermanMarch1110
Radetzky March09 Styles Series Y12OrchMarch112
RaindropsKeepFallingOnMyHead13 Styles Series Y12BigBandBallad124
Rasputin04 Styles Series Y1270sDisco2126
Reach For The Stars11 Styles Series Y17DetroitPop1168
Red River Valley11 Styles Series Y16CrocoTwist176
Red Roses For A Blue Lady13 Styles Series Y119Swing1154
Relight My Fire04 Styles Series Y1270sDisco2124
Rewind04 Styles Series Y117Garage2128
Rhinestone Cowboy10 Styles Series Y118Country8Beat1115
Rhythm Divine06 Styles Series Y19DiscoLatin100
Rock Around The Clock12 Styles Series Y12Rock&Roll1176
Rockin' All Over The World12 Styles Series Y15RootRock136
Rocky Top Tennessee08 Styles Series Y14Bluegrass1146
Rosamunde09 Styles Series Y14PolkaPop126
Route 6613 Styles Series Y115JazzClub160
Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer08 Styles Series Y17ChristmasSwing1164
Runaway01 Styles Series Y110AcousticBallad158
Samb-Adagio05 Styles Series Y14Ibiza2002140
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town08 Styles Series Y17ChristmasSwing1162
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town09 Styles Series Y17Santa'sSwing162
Santa Lucia03 Styles Series Y12EnglishWaltz90
Santo Domingo01 Styles Series Y188BeatAdria118
Santo Domingo03 Styles Series Y110SchlagerAlp112
Satin Doll13 Styles Series Y16BigBandMed2120
Save Your Kisses For Me03 Styles Series Y17Quickstep192
Saving All My Love For You01 Styles Series Y146-8ModernEP68
Schneewalzer09 Styles Series Y112TraditionalWaltz192
Second Waltz03 Styles Series Y119VienneseWaltz1184
See You Later Aligator12 Styles Series Y12Rock&Roll1174
Senza Una Donna01 Styles Series Y118PopBallad78
Seventy-six Trombones08 Styles Series Y116-8March116
Sex Bomb12 Styles Series Y18SoulBeat124
She's The One01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad76
Sie Will Einen Italiener03 Styles Series Y111SchlagerBeat126
Sierra Madre01 Styles Series Y176-8SlowRock258
Silent Night08 Styles Series Y18ChristmasWaltz88
Sing It Back04 Styles Series Y15ClubLatin124
Singing In The Rain14 Styles Series Y11TapDanceSwing126
Sleigh Ride08 Styles Series Y17ChristmasSwing1192
Smooth06 Styles Series Y119RockChaCha118
Smooth Operator06 Styles Series Y119RockChaCha120
So What's New07 Styles Series Y13Tijuana184
Some Broken Hearts Never Mend10 Styles Series Y117Country2-4100
Sometimes When We Touch01 Styles Series Y1216BeatBallad164
Somewhere Between08 Styles Series Y19CountryWaltz102
Somewhere My Love 03 Styles Series Y119VienneseWaltz1176
Somewhere Out There01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad82
Sommerwind03 Styles Series Y110SchlagerAlp112
Song Sung Blue11 Styles Series Y14CountrySwing1128
Spanish Eyes01 Styles Series Y188BeatAdria112
Spanish Flea06 Styles Series Y117PopSamba100
Spanish Flea07 Styles Series Y13Tijuana170
Stand By Your Man11 Styles Series Y13CountryShuffle150
Stand By Your Man11 Styles Series Y14CountrySwing1118
Stars And Stripes Forever09 Styles Series Y113USMarch116
Stayin' Alive05 Styles Series Y18SaturdayNight110
Stop12 Styles Series Y18SoulBeat126
Stop! In The Name Of Love12 Styles Series Y18SoulBeat125
Stranger On The Shore13 Styles Series Y16BigBandMed290
Strangers In The Night06 Styles Series Y11Beguine106
Strani Amori01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong80
Street Life11 Styles Series Y110FunkyFusion98
Strong Enough04 Styles Series Y14ClubDance128
Suesser Die Glocken 08 Styles Series Y18ChristmasWaltz96
Summer Holiday11 Styles Series Y13CountryShuffle130
Summer Nights10 Styles Series Y1860sRock2136
Summer Samba06 Styles Series Y15BossaNova1140
Sunny04 Styles Series Y18DiscoFunk126
Superstition12 Styles Series Y19SoulShuffle108
Surrey With A Fringe On Top13 Styles Series Y116MediumJazz166
Swan Lake01 Styles Series Y112ClassicPianoBld66
Sweet Georgia Brown13 Styles Series Y113GypsySwing236
Swimming Into Deep Water08 Styles Series Y15Bluegrass2120
Take A Chance On Me05 Styles Series Y13Ibiza2000128
Take Me Home, Country Roads11 Styles Series Y14CountrySwing1168
Take Me Home, Country Roads11 Styles Series Y19FingerPickin85
Take Me Out To The Ball Game03 Styles Series Y119VienneseWaltz1180
Take The A Train13 Styles Series Y13BigBandFast1180
Tales From Vienna Woods03 Styles Series Y120VienneseWaltz2186
Tanze Mit Mir In Den Morgen 03 Styles Series Y117Tango1130
Tanzen Unter'm Regenbogen03 Styles Series Y111SchlagerBeat126
Tea For Two03 Styles Series Y11ChaCha132
Teddy Bear03 Styles Series Y14Jive176
Tell Her About It11 Styles Series Y17DetroitPop1174
Tennessee Waltz08 Styles Series Y19CountryWaltz110
Tequila06 Styles Series Y13BigBandSalsa102
Thank You For The Music01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad95
That's Amore09 Styles Series Y112TraditionalWaltz180
That's What Friends Are For01 Styles Series Y1316BeatBallad266
The Best Of Times09 Styles Series Y19Showtune135
The Blue Danue03 Styles Series Y120VienneseWaltz2186
The Days Of Wine And Roses13 Styles Series Y115JazzClub164
The Days Of Wine And Roses13 Styles Series Y116MediumJazz142
The Entertainer13 Styles Series Y118Ragtime1164
The First Nowell08 Styles Series Y18ChristmasWaltz92
The Girl From Ipanema06 Styles Series Y111FastBossa132
The Great Escape09 Styles Series Y12OrchMarch112
The Hucklebuck12 Styles Series Y110Twist174
The Lady Is A Tramp13 Styles Series Y115JazzClub172
The Last Farewell01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad72
The Last Waltz09 Styles Series Y110SwingWaltz90
The Lonely Sheperd01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong68
The More I See You13 Styles Series Y116MediumJazz142
The Power Of Love01 Styles Series Y1216BeatBallad180
The River Kwai March09 Styles Series Y113USMarch118
The Sound Of Silence12 Styles Series Y16SingrSongWriter106
The Twist12 Styles Series Y110Twist174
The Typewriter Song09 Styles Series Y13OrchPolka156
The Way We Were01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong78
The Wind Beneath My Wings01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad74
The Yellow Rose Of Texas11 Styles Series Y115Hoedown128
Theme From A Summer Place01 Styles Series Y156-8Orchestral62
There's No Business Like ShowBsn09 Styles Series Y19Showtune140
This Is The Rhythm Of The Night05 Styles Series Y14Ibiza2002135
This Ole House03 Styles Series Y14Jive184
Ti Amo01 Styles Series Y176-8SlowRock262
Tic Tic Tac06 Styles Series Y114JumboReggae100
Tico Tico06 Styles Series Y117PopSamba120
Tie A Yellow Ribbon03 Styles Series Y15OrganQuickStep192
Tijuana Taxi07 Styles Series Y13Tijuana200
Tiritomba09 Styles Series Y18ScottishReel110
To Love Somebody06 Styles Series Y113HappyReggae90
Together Again05 Styles Series Y19SwingHouse124
Toreador Song09 Styles Series Y12OrchMarch112
Tragedy04 Styles Series Y1170sDisco1120
Tranen Passen Nicht Zu Dir03 Styles Series Y112SchlagerPop110
Tritsch Tratsch Polka09 Styles Series Y13OrchPolka156
True Colours01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern92
Tulips From Amsterdam09 Styles Series Y112TraditionalWaltz190
Ueber Den Wolken06 Styles Series Y110Espagnole120
Uma Paloma Blanca03 Styles Series Y112SchlagerPop120
Unbreak My Heart01 Styles Series Y1316BeatBallad266
Unchained Melody01 Styles Series Y176-8SlowRock268
Uptown Girl10 Styles Series Y115BubblegumPop128
Uptown Girl12 Styles Series Y18SoulBeat124
Valencia09 Styles Series Y111Tarantella136
Vamos A La Playa05 Styles Series Y13Ibiza2000128
Verlieben, Verloren, Vergessen03 Styles Series Y113SchlagerRock124
Voices Of Spring03 Styles Series Y120VienneseWaltz2186
Wahnsinn (Holle, Holle, Holle)03 Styles Series Y113SchlagerRock135
Walk On By07 Styles Series Y12SlowBossa100
Walking On Sunshine11 Styles Series Y17DetroitPop1194
Washington Post08 Styles Series Y116-8March120
Waterloo03 Styles Series Y14Jive158
Wave06 Styles Series Y15BossaNova1142
We Are The Champions10 Styles Series Y126-8Blues66
Welcome To My World11 Styles Series Y13CountryShuffle101
We'll Meet Again03 Styles Series Y115SlowFox108
WennDerWeisseFliederWiederBluht03 Styles Series Y13Foxtrot174
We've Only Just Begun07 Styles Series Y12SlowBossa114
What You Want Do For Love01 Styles Series Y120R&BBallad86
Whatever You Want12 Styles Series Y14RockShuffle122
What's Love Got To Do With It?10 Styles Series Y1118BeatRock96
Wheels03 Styles Series Y11ChaCha128
When A Woman06 Styles Series Y111FastBossa150
When I Need You10 Styles Series Y136-8Soul39
When I'm Cleaning Windows13 Styles Series Y111DixieJazz216
When The Saints Go Marching In09 Styles Series Y113USMarch116
When Will I See You Again01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern112
When You Say Nothing At All01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong80
White Christmas03 Styles Series Y115SlowFox90
Whole Again04 Styles Series Y118HipHopGroove96
Wien Bleibt Wien09 Styles Series Y14PolkaPop120
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow10 Styles Series Y115BubblegumPop128
Winter Wonderland08 Styles Series Y17ChristmasSwing1140
Winter Wonderland09 Styles Series Y17Santa'sSwing140
Woman In Love01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern90
Wonderful Land10 Styles Series Y1560sGuitarPop128
Wonderful Tonight02 Styles Series Y14Unplugged156
Words01 Styles Series Y198BeatModern92
Wunderbar03 Styles Series Y119VienneseWaltz1184
Y Viva Espana03 Styles Series Y16Pasodoble130
Y.M.C.A.04 Styles Series Y1270sDisco2128
Yakety Sax08 Styles Series Y14Bluegrass1140
Yankee Doodle10 Styles Series Y117Country2-4102
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie04 Styles Series Y1170sDisco1123
Yes Sir, That's My Baby03 Styles Series Y17Quickstep220
Yesterday01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong70
You Are My Sunshine03 Styles Series Y13Foxtrot182
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life06 Styles Series Y116PopBossa1136
You Can't Hurry Love11 Styles Series Y17DetroitPop1178
You Make Me Feel Mighty Real05 Styles Series Y18SaturdayNight132
You Might Need Somebody11 Styles Series Y110FunkyFusion92
You Needed Me01 Styles Series Y114LoveSong68
You Sexy Thing04 Styles Series Y16DiscoChocolate106
You'll Never Walk Alone01 Styles Series Y117PianoBallad80
Your Cheatin' Heart11 Styles Series Y13CountryShuffle127
You're Still The One01 Styles Series Y115ModCntryPop67
You're The One That I Want11 Styles Series Y17DetroitPop1192
You'reTheFirstMyLastMyEverything04 Styles Series Y18DiscoFunk126
You've Lost That Loving Feeling10 Styles Series Y115BubblegumPop104
Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch08 Styles Series Y120OberPolka1126
I'm Beginning To See The Light22 Styles Series Y2130sBigBand120
Tiptoe Through The Tulips22 Styles Series Y2130sBigBand116
Underneath The Arches22 Styles Series Y2130sBigBand120
On The Sunny Side Of The Street22 Styles Series Y2130sBigBand130
The Song That I Sing22 Styles Series Y2130sBigBand114
I Wanna Be Loved By You22 Styles Series Y2130sBigBand120
At Last22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand82
Moonlight Serenade22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand82
Sentimental Journey22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand88
Story Of A Starry Night22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand80
Candy22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand82
In A Sentimental Mood22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand82
You Belong To Me22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand82
Zwei Nacht In Eine Grosse Stadt22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand90
I Can't Get Started22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand82
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand82
White Cliffs Of Dover22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand86
We'll Meet Again22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand92
What's New?22 Styles Series Y2240sBigBand82
A Fine Romance22 Styles Series Y23AcousticJazz166
Lullaby Of Birdland22 Styles Series Y23AcousticJazz152
Mack The Knife22 Styles Series Y23AcousticJazz164
Route 6622 Styles Series Y23AcousticJazz160
Softly As In A Morning Sunrise22 Styles Series Y23AcousticJazz172
All Of Me22 Styles Series Y23AcousticJazz166
ICan'tGiveYouAnythingButLove22 Styles Series Y23AcousticJazz162
Paper Moon22 Styles Series Y23AcousticJazz160
When You Smile22 Styles Series Y23AcousticJazz138
A Night In Tunisia22 Styles Series Y24AfroCuban200
Caravan22 Styles Series Y24AfroCuban200
On Green Dolphin Street22 Styles Series Y24AfroCuban208
Four Brothers22 Styles Series Y25Bebop240
The Preacher22 Styles Series Y25Bebop216
Let's Face The Music And Dance22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1200
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1184
Chattanooga Choo Choo22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1182
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1180
In The Mood22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1180
Jumpin' At The Woodside22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1220
Little Brown Jug22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1184
Opus One22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1180
Skyliner22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1188
Strike Up The Band22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1188
Take The A Train22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1180
Woodchoppers Ball22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1192
Cherokee22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1200
Cheek To Cheek22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1180
I Love Paris22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1180
It Don't Mean A Thing22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1204
Jeepers Creepers22 Styles Series Y26BigBandFast1192
American Patrol22 Styles Series Y27BigBandFast2186
Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind22 Styles Series Y27BigBandFast2194
If I Were A Bell22 Styles Series Y27BigBandFast2174
Top Hat White Tie And Tails22 Styles Series Y27BigBandFast2190
You're The Cream In My Coffee22 Styles Series Y27BigBandFast2186
On The Street Where You Live22 Styles Series Y28BigBandMed1130
Poinciana (Song Of The Tree)22 Styles Series Y28BigBandMed1130
Splanky22 Styles Series Y28BigBandMed1128
Alley Cat22 Styles Series Y28BigBandMed1132
But Not For Me22 Styles Series Y29BigBandMed2118
Jersey Bounce22 Styles Series Y29BigBandMed2130
Pennsylvania 6_500022 Styles Series Y29BigBandMed2148
Satin Doll22 Styles Series Y29BigBandMed2120
Stomping At The Savoy22 Styles Series Y29BigBandMed2132
String Of Pearls22 Styles Series Y29BigBandMed2128
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown22 Styles Series Y210BigBandShuffle1158
Living Doll22 Styles Series Y210BigBandShuffle1138
Lucky Lips22 Styles Series Y210BigBandShuffle1154
Walk Between The Raindrops22 Styles Series Y210BigBandShuffle1164
Why Do Fools Fall In Love22 Styles Series Y210BigBandShuffle1158
Poor People Of Paris22 Styles Series Y211Charleston206
Charleston22 Styles Series Y211Charleston206
April In Paris22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand120
Birth Of The Blues22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand116
Chicago22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand146
Corner Pocket22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand120
Hot Toddy22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand120
Shiny Stockings22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand122
Teach Me Tonight22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand120
They Cant Take That Away From Me22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand126
Don't Get Around Much Anymore22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand126
Makin' Whoopee22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand116
What Now My Love22 Styles Series Y212ClassicBigBand126
Autumn Leaves22 Styles Series Y214CoolJazzBallad74
Here's That Rainy Day22 Styles Series Y214CoolJazzBallad70
Midnight Sun22 Styles Series Y214CoolJazzBallad78
Misty22 Styles Series Y214CoolJazzBallad70
Stormy Weather22 Styles Series Y214CoolJazzBallad70
Clarinet Marmalade22 Styles Series Y215Dixieland1224
South Rampart Street Parade22 Styles Series Y215Dixieland1224
Organ Hoedown22 Styles Series Y215Dixieland1224
When I'm Cleaning Windows22 Styles Series Y215Dixieland1216
Ice Cream22 Styles Series Y215Dixieland1220
When The Saints Go Marching In22 Styles Series Y215Dixieland1220
Midnight In Moscow22 Styles Series Y215Dixieland1210
I Got Rhythm22 Styles Series Y216Dixieland2206
Pasadena22 Styles Series Y216Dixieland2210
Wild Cat Blues22 Styles Series Y216Dixieland2220
Down By The Riverside22 Styles Series Y216Dixieland2206
Music Music Music22 Styles Series Y216Dixieland2214
Alexander's Ragtime Band22 Styles Series Y216Dixieland2220
Five Foot Two22 Styles Series Y216Dixieland2220
Tiger Rag22 Styles Series Y216Dixieland2238
Yes Sir, That's My Baby22 Styles Series Y216Dixieland2210
All The Way22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening76
Till There Was You22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening80
When I Fall In Love22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening72
But Beautiful22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening80
My One And Only Love22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening74
September Song22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening86
Stardust22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening78
The Folks Who Live On The Hill22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening78
Bewitched22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening78
Someone To Watch Over Me22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening72
Stella By Starlight22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening72
As Usual22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening78
My Mother's Eyes22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening76
Alfie22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening74
I Won't Send Roses22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening80
Moonglow22 Styles Series Y218EasyListening78
How High The Moon22 Styles Series Y219FastJazz204
It's All Right With Me22 Styles Series Y219FastJazz206
South American Way22 Styles Series Y219FastJazz204
There Will Never Be Another You22 Styles Series Y219FastJazz204
Moondance22 Styles Series Y219FastJazz166
Almost Like Being In Love22 Styles Series Y219FastJazz188
Take Five22 Styles Series Y220Five-Four172
Honeysuckle Rose23 Styles Series Y21FrenchJazz232
After You've Gone23 Styles Series Y21FrenchJazz232
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen23 Styles Series Y21FrenchJazz232
Petite Fleur23 Styles Series Y22JazzClub110
Undecided23 Styles Series Y22JazzClub164
Terry & June23 Styles Series Y22JazzClub130
Ain't Misbehaving23 Styles Series Y22JazzClub126
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off23 Styles Series Y22JazzClub136
Norwegian Wood23 Styles Series Y24JazzWaltzFast194
Christmas Waltz23 Styles Series Y24JazzWaltzFast150
Most Wonderful Time Of The Year23 Styles Series Y24JazzWaltzFast194
My Resistance Is Low23 Styles Series Y24JazzWaltzFast194
My Favourite Things23 Styles Series Y24JazzWaltzFast188
It's A Raggy Waltz23 Styles Series Y24JazzWaltzFast158
Genevieve23 Styles Series Y25JazzWaltzMed180
Bluesette23 Styles Series Y25JazzWaltzMed180
Tenderly23 Styles Series Y26JazzWaltzSlow88
What The World Needs Now Is Love23 Styles Series Y26JazzWaltzSlow136
Jump Jive And Wail23 Styles Series Y27JumpJive200
Reet Petite23 Styles Series Y27JumpJive178
Ain't NobodyHere But Us Chickens23 Styles Series Y27JumpJive184
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie23 Styles Series Y27JumpJive172
Get Outta Your Lazy Bed23 Styles Series Y27JumpJive186
Hallelujah I Love Her So23 Styles Series Y27JumpJive168
Two Sleepy People23 Styles Series Y28LoungePiano76
I've Got A Crush On You23 Styles Series Y28LoungePiano72
Three Coins In A Fountain23 Styles Series Y28LoungePiano80
Laura23 Styles Series Y28LoungePiano74
Like Someone In Love23 Styles Series Y28LoungePiano74
The Man I Love23 Styles Series Y28LoungePiano68
Paper Doll23 Styles Series Y28LoungePiano84
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man23 Styles Series Y28LoungePiano76
I Left My Heart In San Francisco23 Styles Series Y29MidnightSwing100
The Nearness Of You23 Styles Series Y29MidnightSwing82
Mood Indigo23 Styles Series Y29MidnightSwing80
Unforgettable23 Styles Series Y29MidnightSwing82
You Make Me Feel So Young23 Styles Series Y212ModernBigBand128
Blue Moon23 Styles Series Y215MoonlightBallad80
Stranger On The Shore23 Styles Series Y215MoonlightBallad88
You Won't Find AnotherFoolLikeMe23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing118
Can't Smile Without You23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing106
Close To You23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing98
Dance In The Old Fashioned Way23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing106
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing88
This Guy's In Love With You23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing96
Welcome Home23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing104
Claire23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing102
Happy Heart23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing110
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing90
I Get A LittleSentimentalOverYou23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing104
Mr & Mrs23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing112
Neighbours23 Styles Series Y216MORSwing116
Come Fly With Me23 Styles Series Y217OrchBigBand1144
The Lady Is A Tramp23 Styles Series Y217OrchBigBand1144
Beyond The Sea (La Mer)23 Styles Series Y217OrchBigBand1132
High Hopes23 Styles Series Y217OrchBigBand1140
I Get A Kick Out Of You23 Styles Series Y217OrchBigBand1150
Me And My Shadow23 Styles Series Y217OrchBigBand1130
New York, New York23 Styles Series Y218OrchBigBand2120
French Foreign Legion23 Styles Series Y218OrchBigBand2130
I've Got You Under My Skin23 Styles Series Y218OrchBigBand2132
The Continental23 Styles Series Y218OrchBigBand2132
They All Laughed23 Styles Series Y218OrchBigBand2136
Have You Met Miss Jones?23 Styles Series Y218OrchBigBand2134
Deed I Do23 Styles Series Y218OrchBigBand2132
Witchcraft23 Styles Series Y218OrchBigBand2128
L.O.V.E.23 Styles Series Y219OrchestraSwing1126
A Kiss To Build A Dream On23 Styles Series Y219OrchestraSwing1120
Bye Bye Blues23 Styles Series Y219OrchestraSwing1126
L'importance C'est La Rose23 Styles Series Y219OrchestraSwing1120
Red Roses For A Blue Lady23 Styles Series Y219OrchestraSwing1126
April in Portugal23 Styles Series Y220OrchestraSwing2116
The Lion Sleeps Tonight23 Styles Series Y220OrchestraSwing2128
A Swinging Safari23 Styles Series Y220OrchestraSwing2152
Danke Schoen23 Styles Series Y220OrchestraSwing2148
La Ballade Des Gens Heureux 23 Styles Series Y220OrchestraSwing2122
As Time Goes By24 Styles Series Y21OrchJazzBallad76
Georgia On My Mind24 Styles Series Y21OrchJazzBallad70
HaveYourselfMerryLittleChristmas24 Styles Series Y21OrchJazzBallad82
The Christmas Song24 Styles Series Y21OrchJazzBallad72
Ebb Tide24 Styles Series Y21OrchJazzBallad74
In The Wee Small Hours24 Styles Series Y21OrchJazzBallad72
When You Wish Upon A Star24 Styles Series Y21OrchJazzBallad82
My Romance24 Styles Series Y21OrchJazzBallad72
A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening24 Styles Series Y21OrchJazzBallad72
Things We Did Last Summer24 Styles Series Y21OrchJazzBallad76
All Of Me24 Styles Series Y22OrganCombo175
Green Dolphin Street24 Styles Series Y22OrganCombo192
I Love Paris24 Styles Series Y22OrganCombo175
Lady Be Good24 Styles Series Y22OrganCombo175
Lullaby Of The Leaves24 Styles Series Y22OrganCombo192
Secret Love24 Styles Series Y22OrganCombo175
The Cat24 Styles Series Y23OrganGroove180
Yeh Yeh24 Styles Series Y23OrganGroove174
Maple Leaf Rag24 Styles Series Y24Ragtime1168
Easy Winners24 Styles Series Y24Ragtime1176
Black And White Rag24 Styles Series Y25Ragtime2210
Sing Sing Sing24 Styles Series Y26SwinginBigBand200
99 Luftballons06 STYLES SERIES R12Fast Rock172
A Fool Such As I12 STYLES SERIES R18Rock'N Slow125
A Fool Such As I12 STYLES SERIES R119Simply Cha Cha120
A Natural Woman01 STYLES SERIES R176_8 Pop55
A Song For You05 STYLES SERIES R113Euro Ballad55
Ab In Den Süden06 STYLES SERIES R13Fast Surf162
Achy Breaky Heart04 STYLES SERIES R112Country Rock135
Adios Muchachos04 STYLES SERIES R17CoolTango120
Africa03 STYLES SERIES R12Brazilian Samba92
Afrika05 STYLES SERIES R17Easy Pop142
After The Love Is Gone03 STYLES SERIES R118Contemp Beat64
Against All Odds05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat62
Agua De Beber Remake05 STYLES SERIES R118Fast Bossa170
Ai No Corrida01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco120
Ain'T It Funny08 STYLES SERIES R112Latin dance104
Ain'T Misbehavin'02 STYLES SERIES R111Big Band Slow126
Ain'T She Sweet03 STYLES SERIES R19Classic Big Band132
Ain'T The Way I Wanna Go Out03 STYLES SERIES R13Breath Rap96
Ainut Kertainen03 STYLES SERIES R119Contemporary pop94
Air On The G Strings09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing64
Alexander'S Ragtime Band04 STYLES SERIES R119Dixie205
Alfie09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing68
All At Once11 STYLES SERIES R118Power Ballad64
All By Myself11 STYLES SERIES R118Power Ballad66
All I Ask Of You03 STYLES SERIES R111Classic70
All My Loving12 STYLES SERIES R18Rock'N Slow170
All Of Me14 STYLES SERIES R15Swing Medium130
All Shook Up03 STYLES SERIES R11Brass Rock'N160
All That She Wants09 STYLES SERIES R115Meneaito104
Almost Like Being In Love08 STYLES SERIES R15Jazz Big Band175
Aloha Oe Hawaii Song13 STYLES SERIES R11Slow Country102
Alone Again Naturally03 STYLES SERIES R14Bright Pop86
Als Sterren Aan De Hemel Staan10 STYLES SERIES R15Nice Fox107
Always On My Mind (You Were)09 STYLES SERIES R14Love Beat72
Amapola13 STYLES SERIES R12Slow Fox112
Amazing GraceGOSPEL CHOIRAmazing Gospel61
Amboss Polka13 STYLES SERIES R14Slow Polka116
American Patrol02 STYLES SERIES R19Big Band Fast174
Amor Amor Amor12 STYLES SERIES R110Samba109
Anchors Aweigh01 STYLES SERIES R166_8 March120
Angelito12 STYLES SERIES R116Simple Cumbia108
Angells08 STYLES SERIES R119Light Rock71
Anna Mulle10 STYLES SERIES R14New Metal92
Another Day In Paradise09 STYLES SERIES R117Midnight Ballad106
Anton Aus Salzburg04 STYLES SERIES R118Disco Schlager130
Apache10 STYLES SERIES R111Oldies130
Apache10 STYLES SERIES R111Oldies130
April In Paris02 STYLES SERIES R110Big Band Medium120
Are You Lonesome Tonight?13 STYLES SERIES R13Slow Jz Waltz94
Arrivederci Roma02 STYLES SERIES R17Beguine112
Arthur'S Theme09 STYLES SERIES R117Midnight Ballad70
As Time Goes By09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight Sl Swing71
At The Last02 STYLES SERIES R111Big Band Slow75
Autumn In New York13 STYLES SERIES R113Soft Ballad72
Autumn Leaves09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing74
Ave Maria04 STYLES SERIES R120Dream Ballad70
Ave Maria No Morro02 STYLES SERIES R17Beguine111
Azzurro07 STYLES SERIES R111Half Beat122
Baby Can I Hold You13 STYLES SERIES R114Soft Beat70
Back For Good Take That14 STYLES SERIES R12Sweet Beat80
Bailamos08 STYLES SERIES R112Latin dance104
Ballade Pour Adeline14 STYLES SERIES R12Sweet Beat70
Bamboleo05 STYLES SERIES R119Fast Gipsy120
Bamboleo06 STYLES SERIES R116Gipsy Dance122
Banana Boat Song, The07 STYLES SERIES R114Happy Schlager130
Barbara Ann02 STYLES SERIES R117Blue Boogie159
Barbie Girl05 STYLES SERIES R12Dream Dance130
Bazookaz10 STYLES SERIES R120Paso Doble 2124
Be Bop A Lula12 STYLES SERIES R18Rock'N Slow107
Before The Next Teardrop Falls04 STYLES SERIES R18Country Ballad107
Begin The Beguine12 STYLES SERIES R15Rhumba110
Behind Closed Doors13 STYLES SERIES R11Slow Country85
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen08 STYLES SERIES R15Jazz Big Band149
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen12 STYLES SERIES R11Quick Step230
Believe03 STYLES SERIES R114Club House134
Besame Mucho14 STYLES SERIES R110Tradit Rhumba109
Better Off Alone04 STYLES SERIES R115DJ Techno138
Bewitched09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing68
Beyond The Sea02 STYLES SERIES R110Big Band Medium131
Bicycle Built For Two (Daisy)10 STYLES SERIES R117Orchestral Waltz194
Big World07 STYLES SERIES R119HipHop Beat88
Big Yellow Tax10 STYLES SERIES R110Now Hip Hop88
Black Magic Woman10 STYLES SERIES R118Oye Son124
Black Velvet12 STYLES SERIES R17Rock Shuffle92
Blame It On The Bossa Nova14 STYLES SERIES R112Twist160
Blanket On The Ground05 STYLES SERIES R15Easy Country186
Blu Bossa05 STYLES SERIES R118Fast Bossa173
Blue Danube Waltz03 STYLES SERIES R110Classic W'Waltz185
Blue Danube Waltz03 STYLES SERIES R110Classic W'Waltz190
Blue Eiffel 6504 STYLES SERIES R115DJ Techno134
Blue Eyes02 STYLES SERIES R13Ballad Slow Rock109
Blue Monday08 STYLES SERIES R12Ibiza Dance130
Blue Moon02 STYLES SERIES R111Big Band Slow74
Blue Skies05 STYLES SERIES R112Ensemble Swing196
Blue Spanish Eyes12 STYLES SERIES R15Rhumba117
Blue Spanish Eyes14 STYLES SERIES R110Tradit Rhumba108
Blue Suede Shoes03 STYLES SERIES R11Brass Rock'N186
Blueberry Hill01 STYLES SERIES R1350's Slow Rock96
Bluesette09 STYLES SERIES R114Medium Jz Waltz186
Bluesette09 STYLES SERIES R114Medium Jz Waltz131
Body And Soul02 STYLES SERIES R111Big Band Slow74
Boogy Boot Scootin' Boogie12 STYLES SERIES R18Rock'n Slow132
Boom Boom Boom Boom08 STYLES SERIES R12Ibiza Dance136
Boom Boom Maple07 STYLES SERIES R111Half Beat114
Brazil12 STYLES SERIES R110Samba113
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do06 STYLES SERIES R119Go! Twist120
Breathe02 STYLES SERIES R113Big Rock118
Bridge Over Troubled Water03 STYLES SERIES R14Bright Pop82
Bright Eyes09 STYLES SERIES R14Love Beat57
Bright Side Of Life10 STYLES SERIES R114Orchestra Swing118
Brother Louie08 STYLES SERIES R12Ibiza Dance120
Brown Eyed Girl06 STYLES SERIES R11Fast Pop145
Brown Girl In The Ring09 STYLES SERIES R115Meneaito115
Build Me Up Buttercup07 STYLES SERIES R19Guitar Shuffle134
By The Rivers Of Babylon07 STYLES SERIES R111Half Beat116
Bye Bye Blackbird10 STYLES SERIES R114Orchestra Swing142
Bye Bye Blues05 STYLES SERIES R112Ensemble Swing126
Cabaret06 STYLES SERIES R110Fox Band192
Calendar Girl13 STYLES SERIES R110Smooth Rock'N122
California Blue05 STYLES SERIES R116Fast Beat107
California Girls13 STYLES SERIES R112So Easy105
Camptown Races04 STYLES SERIES R111Country Pop224
Can Can10 STYLES SERIES R116Orchestral Polka144
Can You Feel The Love Tonight04 STYLES SERIES R120Dream Ballad66
Candle In The Wind11 STYLES SERIES R114Pop Ballad70
Can'T Help Falling In Love08 STYLES SERIES R14Island84
Capri Fischer10 STYLES SERIES R13Natural Pop122
Capri Fischer10 STYLES SERIES R13Natural Pop122
Careless Whisper09 STYLES SERIES R117Midnight Ballad76
Celebration01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco120
C'Est Magnifique02 STYLES SERIES R110Big band Medium126
Cha Cha Cha De Las Secretarias03 STYLES SERIES R120Cool Cha Cha125
Cha Cha Cha Della Segretaria03 STYLES SERIES R120Cool Cha Cha129
Chanson D'Amour10 STYLES SERIES R15Nice Fox100
Charleston03 STYLES SERIES R18Charleston208
Chattanooga Choo Choo08 STYLES SERIES R19Jive174
Cheek To Cheek02 STYLES SERIES R19Big Band Fast170
Cherokee03 STYLES SERIES R117Combo Fast Swing205
Children04 STYLES SERIES R115DJ Techno136
Chim Chim03 STYLES SERIES R110Classic W'Waltz210
Christines Samba12 STYLES SERIES R111Sambalegre130
Cielito Lindo06 STYLES SERIES R112French Valse196
Clair04 STYLES SERIES R113Country Swing104
Clarinet Polka02 STYLES SERIES R11Austrian Polka124
Close To You08 STYLES SERIES R17Jazz Club93
Cocaine03 STYLES SERIES R15Bright Rock106
Come Fly With Me03 STYLES SERIES R19Classic Big Band138
Come Rain Or Come Shine09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing70
Conga08 STYLES SERIES R112Latin dance121
Corazon Espinado05 STYLES SERIES R18Easy Rock122
Corcovado07 STYLES SERIES R15Guitar Bossa116
Cose Della Vita03 STYLES SERIES R118Contemp Beat82
Cotton Fields06 STYLES SERIES R118Go! Rock'N162
Could You Be Loved08 STYLES SERIES R14Island105
Coward Of The County11 STYLES SERIES R115Pop Fox88
Crazy13 STYLES SERIES R11Slow Country81
Crazy Little Thing Called Love02 STYLES SERIES R117Blue Boogie156
Crocodile Rock01 STYLES SERIES R1460's Rock'N160
Crying At The Discotheque05 STYLES SERIES R114Euro Dance138
Csok Kiraly Hungaria03 STYLES SERIES R11Brass Rock'N180
Da Doo Ron Ron01 STYLES SERIES R11380's Pop150
Dancing In The Dark11 STYLES SERIES R120Power Rock150
Daniel05 STYLES SERIES R116Fast Beat128
Danke Schoen09 STYLES SERIES R120Modern Med Swing144
Danny Boy11 STYLES SERIES R114Pop Ballad68
Dave Is On The Road Again12 STYLES SERIES R17Rock Shuffle134
Daydream Believer04 STYLES SERIES R18Country Ballad132
Days Of Wine And Roses10 STYLES SERIES R114Orchestra Swing125
Deep In The Heart Of Texas03 STYLES SERIES R18Charleston200
Desafinado05 STYLES SERIES R118Fast Bossa142
Desperado11 STYLES SERIES R118Power Ballad62
Devil Gate Drive02 STYLES SERIES R14Ballerman134
Diana01 STYLES SERIES R1250's Pop140
Die Gefühle Haben Schweigepflicht02 STYLES SERIES R14Ballerman121
Do It To Me10 STYLES SERIES R12Morn Pop88
Do That To Me One More Time05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat90
Do Ya Think I'M Sexy01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco118
Don'T Be Cruel03 STYLES SERIES R116Combo Boogie170
Don'T Cry For Me Argentina07 STYLES SERIES R18Guitar Serenade80
Don'T Fence Me In14 STYLES SERIES R15Swing Medium100
Don't Go Breaking My Heart07 STYLES SERIES R111Happy Beat140
Don'T Let Me Be Lonely Tonight13 STYLES SERIES R114Soft Beat66
Don'T Let The Sun Go Down On Me05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat70
Don'T Sit Under The Apple03 STYLES SERIES R117Combo Fast Swing215
Don'T Worry, Be Happy12 STYLES SERIES R112Scat Swing141
Don'T You Worry 'Bout A Thing01 STYLES SERIES R11070's Groove120
Do-Re-Mi14 STYLES SERIES R119US March130
Down By The Riverside06 STYLES SERIES R117Gipsy Swing215
Downtown10 STYLES SERIES R13Natural Pop122
Dream A Little Dream09 STYLES SERIES R120Modern Med Swing93
Dromen Zijn Bedrog02 STYLES SERIES R14Ballerman132
Du Hast Mich Tausendmal Belogen08 STYLES SERIES R11House Maillorca116
Easter Parade04 STYLES SERIES R18Country Ballad116
Easy09 STYLES SERIES R118Midnight Blues72
Easy To Love (You'D Be So Easy To Love)02 STYLES SERIES R110Big Band Medium125
Ebony And Ivory04 STYLES SERIES R13Cool Pop82
Edel Weiss13 STYLES SERIES R15Slow Waltz93
El Condor Pasa05 STYLES SERIES R15Easy Country170
El Cumbachero02 STYLES SERIES R114Big Samba124
En Dans01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco120
En Kaipaa Sua05 STYLES SERIES R111Electro Rock138
Enamorada08 STYLES SERIES R113Latin Disco120
Entertainer , The11 STYLES SERIES R17Piano Ragtime170
Er Gehört Zu Mir01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco128
Espana Cani10 STYLES SERIES R120Paso Doble 2123
Eternal Flame08 STYLES SERIES R116Light Beat83
Every Breath You Take11 STYLES SERIES R120Power Rock115
Everybody Sometime10 STYLES SERIES R113Orchestr Sl Fox86
Everything I Do I Do It For You05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat65
Eviva Espana10 STYLES SERIES R120Paso Doble 2131
Eye Of The Tiger11 STYLES SERIES R120Power Rock116
Fame01 STYLES SERIES R11480's Techno129
Fantasy13 STYLES SERIES R18Smooth Contemp96
Fascination13 STYLES SERIES R15Slow Waltz92
Feel07 STYLES SERIES R112Happy Beat104
Feelings11 STYLES SERIES R114Pop Ballad70
Fernando01 STYLES SERIES R11170's Pop112
Flintstones08 STYLES SERIES R110Jz Guitar Swing231
Fly Me To The Moon09 STYLES SERIES R113Medium Jazz123
Fly Me To The Moon09 STYLES SERIES R113Medium Jazz123
For Once In My Life01 STYLES SERIES R1870's Beat112
For Your Love09 STYLES SERIES R118Midnight Blues67
Four Brother14 STYLES SERIES R14Swing Fast243
Fragile01 STYLES SERIES R119Analog Beat85
From A Distance11 STYLES SERIES R118Power Ballad66
Funiculi Funicula14 STYLES SERIES R17Tarantella140
Funky Town08 STYLES SERIES R12Ibiza Dance120
Für Dich07 STYLES SERIES R117Hip Beat55
Georgia On My Mind08 STYLES SERIES R17Jazz Club69
Gimme Gimme Gimme01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco120
Gimme Some Lovin'11 STYLES SERIES R120Power Rock142
Girl From Ipanema05 STYLES SERIES R118Fast Bossa159
Gloria13 STYLES SERIES R111Smooth Rock136
Go West04 STYLES SERIES R118Disco Schlager125
Good Golly, Miss06 STYLES SERIES R118Go! Rock'N150
Goodbye To Love06 STYLES SERIES R118Go! Rock'N170
Great Balls Of Fire06 STYLES SERIES R118Go! Rock'N170
Greatest Love Of All09 STYLES SERIES R14Love Beat63
Green Green Grass Of Home04 STYLES SERIES R112Country Rock102
Greensleaves13 STYLES SERIES R15Slow Waltz90
Groovy Kind Of Love, A09 STYLES SERIES R117Midnight Ballad72
Guantanamera12 STYLES SERIES R119Simply Cha Cha120
Hallo Hallo01 STYLES SERIES R11380's Pop192
Hände Zum Himmel07 STYLES SERIES R114Happy Schlager129
Hands Up01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco124
Hands Up07 STYLES SERIES R114Happy Schlager124
Happy Birthday Song13 STYLES SERIES R13Slow Jz Waltz110
Hard Days Night, A06 STYLES SERIES R118Go! Rock'N154
Hard To Say I'M Sorry11 STYLES SERIES R118Power Ballad72
Have You Ever Seen The Rain08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop120
Heal The World07 STYLES SERIES R117Hip Beat79
Heartbeat02 STYLES SERIES R113Big Rock111
Heartbreake Hotel13 STYLES SERIES R110Smooth Rock'N94
Heat Wave03 STYLES SERIES R112Clock Rock'N166
Hedonisme12 STYLES SERIES R16Rock Beat80
Hello04 STYLES SERIES R113Country Swing205
Hello14 STYLES SERIES R12Sweet Beat64
Hello Dolly08 STYLES SERIES R110Jz Guitar Swing160
Hemelsblauw10 STYLES SERIES R111Oldies102
Hernando Hideaway04 STYLES SERIES R17Cool Tango120
Herzilein02 STYLES SERIES R12Austrian Waltz185
Het Dorp13 STYLES SERIES R112So Easy111
Heut' Abend Hab' Ich Kopfweh04 STYLES SERIES R116Dance Schlager136
Hey Baby04 STYLES SERIES R118Disco Schlager133
Hey Joe12 STYLES SERIES R16Rock Beat76
Hey Jude11 STYLES SERIES R118Power Ballad73
Hidden Plan08 STYLES SERIES R111Latin Beat94
Holding Back The Years09 STYLES SERIES R14Love Beat86
Honeysuckle Rose08 STYLES SERIES R110Jz Guitar Swing232
Hopelessly Devoted To You02 STYLES SERIES R13Ballad Slow Rock108
Horny03 STYLES SERIES R114Club House122
Horse With No Name, A07 STYLES SERIES R19Guitar Shuffle124
Hot Stuff01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco122
Hotel California12 STYLES SERIES R120Simply Pop72
House Of The Rising Sun04 STYLES SERIES R15Cool Slow Rock110
How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)09 STYLES SERIES R120Modern Med Swing113
How Deep Is Your Love03 STYLES SERIES R14Bright Pop102
How High The Moon11 STYLES SERIES R14Piano Jazz150
How Insensitive13 STYLES SERIES R113Soft Ballad63
I Believe I Can Fly07 STYLES SERIES R117Hip Beat60
I Believe I Can Fly07 STYLES SERIES R117Hip Beat63
I Can'T Get Started11 STYLES SERIES R16Piano Night60
I Can'T Give You Anything But Love03 STYLES SERIES R117Combo Fast Swing183
I Can'T Tell You Why05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat86
I Could Have Danced All Night14 STYLES SERIES R15Swing Medium148
I Don'T Know Why05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat82
I Don'T Want To Miss A Thing13 STYLES SERIES R115Soft Rock63
I Get A Kick Out Of You03 STYLES SERIES R19Classic Big Band138
I Got Rhythm06 STYLES SERIES R110Fox Band208
I Have A Dream13 STYLES SERIES R112So Easy104
I Just Called To Say I Love You05 STYLES SERIES R116Fast Beat113
I Just Called To Say I Love You05 STYLES SERIES R116Fast Beat113
I Just Need 2 Love13 STYLES SERIES R111Smooth Rock111
I Keep No Memories07 STYLES SERIES R11Groovin'93
I Know Him So Well05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat70
I Left My Heart In San Francisco14 STYLES SERIES R15Swing Medium93
I Love Paris03 STYLES SERIES R19Classic Big Band157
I Love Your Smile11 STYLES SERIES R116Pop Shuffle94
I Miss You Like Crazy05 STYLES SERIES R113Euro Ballad66
I Remember09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing56
I Saw Her Standing There06 STYLES SERIES R120Good Rock'N168
I Shot The Sheriff12 STYLES SERIES R14Reggae96
I Swear All For One09 STYLES SERIES R14Love Beat84
I Walk The Line07 STYLES SERIES R113Happy Pop104
I Wanna Be Loved By You10 STYLES SERIES R114Orchestra Swing120
I Want To Break Free11 STYLES SERIES R120Power Rock120
I Want To Hold Your Hand04 STYLES SERIES R19Country Beat136
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You01 STYLES SERIES R176_8 Pop66
I Will Always Love You11 STYLES SERIES R114Pop Ballad67
I Won'T Hold You05 STYLES SERIES R113Euro Ballad55
I Write The Songs11 STYLES SERIES R118Power Ballad70
Ich Bin Wie Du04 STYLES SERIES R118Disco Schlager128
I'D Like To Teach The World To Sing10 STYLES SERIES R15Nice Fox147
If I Could Turn Back Time02 STYLES SERIES R113Big Rock116
If I Were A Bell03 STYLES SERIES R117Combo Fast Swing196
If You Don'T Know Me By NowGOSPEL CHOIRAmazing Gospel50
If You Leave Me Now14 STYLES SERIES R117Unplugged Ballad98
Ik Krijg Een Heel Apart Gevoel Vanbinnen07 STYLES SERIES R111Half Beat118
I'Ll Be Seeing You09 STYLES SERIES R113Medium Jazz100
I'Ll Never Fall In Love Again14 STYLES SERIES R13Sweet Bossa126
I'Ll Remember April05 STYLES SERIES R112Ensemble Swing193
I'M Getting Sentimental Over You10 STYLES SERIES R114Orchestra Swing98
I'M In The Mood For Love09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing56
I'M Not Alone05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat90
I'M Not In Love09 STYLES SERIES R117Midnight Ballad68
I'M So Excited01 STYLES SERIES R11380's Pop178
I'M Still Standing01 STYLES SERIES R11380's Pop178
I'M Tore Down13 STYLES SERIES R110Smooth Rock'N136
In A Little Spanish Town03 STYLES SERIES R17Cha Cha130
In A Sentimental Mood02 STYLES SERIES R111Big Band Slow82
In Assenza Di Te05 STYLES SERIES R113Euro Ballad55
In Munchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus02 STYLES SERIES R12Austrian Waltz200
In Munich Hofbrew02 STYLES SERIES R12Austrian Waltz185
In The Mood03 STYLES SERIES R116Combo Boogie150
Incancellabile12 STYLES SERIES R120Simply Pop68
Island In The Sun12 STYLES SERIES R15Rhumba114
Isn'T She Lovely09 STYLES SERIES R15Lovely Ballad120
It Had To Be You02 STYLES SERIES R110Big Band Medium127
It Might As Well Be Spring08 STYLES SERIES R17Jazz Club86
It Must Have Been Love05 STYLES SERIES R110Electro Beat81
It'S A Long Way To Tipperary14 STYLES SERIES R119Us March120
It'S A Small World10 STYLES SERIES R116Orchestral Polka128
It'S Not Unusual07 STYLES SERIES R116Heart Beat180
It'S Only A Paper Moon08 STYLES SERIES R15Jazz Big Band168
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Bikini01 STYLES SERIES R117Acoustic Rhumba125
I'Ve Got You Under My Skin10 STYLES SERIES R114Orchestra Swing127
I'Ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face10 STYLES SERIES R113Orchestr Sl Fox87
Jailhouse Rock03 STYLES SERIES R11Brass Rock'N181
Jambalaya05 STYLES SERIES R15Easy Country178
James08 STYLES SERIES R16Jazz Bossa150
Jealousy14 STYLES SERIES R16Tango128
Jealousy14 STYLES SERIES R16Tango115
Jericho05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat97
Jesus To A Child13 STYLES SERIES R17Smooth Beat87
Johnny B. Goode01 STYLES SERIES R1460's Rock'N170
Joy To The World14 STYLES SERIES R119US March102
Jukebox Swing06 STYLES SERIES R13Fast Surf180
Jump11 STYLES SERIES R120Power Rock129
Just Friend13 STYLES SERIES R119Strings Swing155
Just In Time14 STYLES SERIES R15Swing Medium130
Just The Two Of Us03 STYLES SERIES R119Contemporary Pop85
Just The Way You Are14 STYLES SERIES R11Sunshine Bossa129
Just When I Needed You Most05 STYLES SERIES R17Easy Pop100
Kalinka07 STYLES SERIES R111Half Beat165
Kchacha08 STYLES SERIES R114Latin Fusion140
King Of The Road04 STYLES SERIES R18Country Ballad122
Kiss From A Rose01 STYLES SERIES R176_8 Pop66
Kneipe10 STYLES SERIES R117Orchestral Waltz162
Knocking On Heaven'S Door05 STYLES SERIES R16Easy Groove62
Koktel01 STYLES SERIES R1870's Beat122
Kon Tiki10 STYLES SERIES R111Oldies139
Kufsteinlied02 STYLES SERIES R12Austrian Waltz215
L.O.V.E.10 STYLES SERIES R114Orchestra Swing144
La Banda Mina12 STYLES SERIES R111Sambalegre124
La Cucaracha12 STYLES SERIES R116Simple Cumbia95
La Cumparsita14 STYLES SERIES R16Tango118
La Dernière Séance08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop154
La Isla Bonita08 STYLES SERIES R112Latin Dance104
La Mazurca Di Periferia09 STYLES SERIES R111Mazurca 2158
La Montanara13 STYLES SERIES R15Slow Waltz95
La Paloma12 STYLES SERIES R15Rhumba110
La Partie De Pétanque01 STYLES SERIES R113_4 Boston167
Lá Pimba11 STYLES SERIES R12Paso Doble148
La Raspa14 STYLES SERIES R17Tarantella144
La Solitudine14 STYLES SERIES R12Sweet Beat64
La Vie En Rose11 STYLES SERIES R16Piano Night60
La Vita È Bella01 STYLES SERIES R117Acoustic Rhumba130
Laat Ons Een Bloem06 STYLES SERIES R112French Valse207
Ladies Night01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco115
Lady In Red09 STYLES SERIES R117Midnight Ballad78
Lady Is A Tramp, The03 STYLES SERIES R19Classic Big Band132
Lady Lay Down01 STYLES SERIES R1460's Rock'N180
Lady Marmellade01 STYLES SERIES R115Acid Pop123
Lambada05 STYLES SERIES R119Fast Gipsy118
Last Christmas08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop112
Last Waltz, The13 STYLES SERIES R15Slow Waltz110
Laura14 STYLES SERIES R15Swing Medium110
Layla13 STYLES SERIES R111Smooth Rock116
Layla14 STYLES SERIES R116Unplug Shuffle115
Le Dénicheur06 STYLES SERIES R112French Valse196
Le Freak06 STYLES SERIES R114Funky Pop118
Lean On Me07 STYLES SERIES R116Heart Beat152
Les Feuilles Mortes10 STYLES SERIES R114Orchestra Swing124
Let It Be14 STYLES SERIES R12Sweet Beat68
Let It Snow10 STYLES SERIES R15Nice Fox145
Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow13 STYLES SERIES R119Strings Swing137
Let Me Entertain You01 STYLES SERIES R11280's Groove124
Let'S Fall In Love10 STYLES SERIES R114Orchestra Swing124
Let'S Get Loud02 STYLES SERIES R14Ballerman134
Lets Twist Again06 STYLES SERIES R119Go! Twist160
Leuchtturm02 STYLES SERIES R113Big Rock116
Leuchtturm02 STYLES SERIES R113Big Rock116
Libertango04 STYLES SERIES R17Cool Tango133
Ligia03 STYLES SERIES R17Cha Cha134
Lilli Marlene13 STYLES SERIES R11Slow Country76
Lipstick On Your Collar06 STYLES SERIES R13Fast Surf160
Listen To Your Heart06 STYLES SERIES R113Full Pop88
L'Italiano07 STYLES SERIES R14Guitar Beat130
Little Brown Jug02 STYLES SERIES R18Big Band Boogie156
Little Brown Jug12 STYLES SERIES R11Quick Step184
Living A Dream01 STYLES SERIES R119Analog Beat85
Living Doll04 STYLES SERIES R113Country Swing138
London Bridge07 STYLES SERIES R111Half Beat116
Love Every Day03 STYLES SERIES R15Bright Rock107
Love Is Blue10 STYLES SERIES R13Natural Pop112
Love Letters In The Sand01 STYLES SERIES R1350's Slow Rock94
Love Me Tender13 STYLES SERIES R11Slow Country78
Love Story05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat80
Lover Come Back To Me05 STYLES SERIES R112Ensemble Swing190
Love'S Dance01 STYLES SERIES R11070's Groove120
Lovesick Blues13 STYLES SERIES R12Slow Fox124
Lullaby Of Birdland04 STYLES SERIES R16Cool Swing131
Mack The Knife02 STYLES SERIES R19Big Band Fast157
Malhão I Portugal02 STYLES SERIES R11Austrian Polka96
Mambo Jambo09 STYLES SERIES R17Mambo102
Mamma Mia11 STYLES SERIES R120Power Rock138
Mandy10 STYLES SERIES R17Night Ballad51
Manha De Carnival07 STYLES SERIES R17Guitar Samba100
Marina06 STYLES SERIES R110Fox Band176
Mas Que Nada05 STYLES SERIES R118Fast Bossa186
Me And Mrs. Jones14 STYLES SERIES R120US Shuffle71
Meditation07 STYLES SERIES R15Guitar Bossa130
Mellow Midnight09 STYLES SERIES R118Midnight Blues62
Memory11 STYLES SERIES R13Piano Ballad55
Mendocino07 STYLES SERIES R114Happy Schlager134
Mestre Da Culinária Portugal14 STYLES SERIES R119US March128
Michelle04 STYLES SERIES R18Country Ballad110
Mickey Mouse March01 STYLES SERIES R166_8 March120
Midnight In Moscow06 STYLES SERIES R110Fox Band173
Milord04 STYLES SERIES R110Country Fox210
Missisipi10 STYLES SERIES R13Natural Pop124
Mister Sandman06 STYLES SERIES R117Gipsy Swing200
Misty09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing62
Moliendo Cafè09 STYLES SERIES R116Merengue106
Mona Lisa09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing67
Money'S Too Tight To Mention01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco112
Moon River13 STYLES SERIES R15Slow Waltz88
Moonlight Serenade02 STYLES SERIES R111Big Band Slow74
Moonlight Shadow08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop128
Moonlighting03 STYLES SERIES R119Contemporary Pop95
Moonlighting04 STYLES SERIES R116Dance Schlager136
More02 STYLES SERIES R17Beguine110
Morning Has Broken01 STYLES SERIES R156_8 Ballad72
Mr. Tambourine Man08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop130
Mrs. Robinson04 STYLES SERIES R111Country Pop185
Mull Of Kintyre07 STYLES SERIES R110Guitar Waltz110
Music to Watch Girls By07 STYLES SERIES R113Happy Pop78
My Cherie Amour08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop101
My Funny Valentine08 STYLES SERIES R17Jazz Club72
My Heart Will Go On09 STYLES SERIES R14Love Beat53
My Life08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop130
My Romance08 STYLES SERIES R17Jazz Club72
Não Há Estrelas No Céu Portugal04 STYLES SERIES R110Country Fox110
Nearness Of You10 STYLES SERIES R113Orchestr Sl Fox98
Never Can Say Goodbye02 STYLES SERIES R15Barry Dance128
Never On Sunday07 STYLES SERIES R111Half Beat126
Never Say Good By12 STYLES SERIES R117Simple Rock72
Neverending Story05 STYLES SERIES R111Electro Rock126
New York State Of Mind09 STYLES SERIES R14Love Beat61
Night And Day10 STYLES SERIES R114Orchestra Swing122
Nikita03 STYLES SERIES R119Contemporary Pop87
No Es Lo Mismo11 STYLES SERIES R119Power Pop80
No Matter What (No Matter No Way)13 STYLES SERIES R114Soft Beat87
No Tengo08 STYLES SERIES R12Ibiza Dance129
No Woman No Cry12 STYLES SERIES R14Reggae82
Non Dimenticar10 STYLES SERIES R113Orchestr Sl Fox78
Norwegian Wood12 STYLES SERIES R118Simple Sl Waltz179
Now And Forever07 STYLES SERIES R113Happy Pop96
O Sole Mio02 STYLES SERIES R17Beguine119
Obladi Oblada11 STYLES SERIES R115Pop Fox123
Oh Happy Day13 STYLES SERIES R112So Easy110
Oh! You Beautiful Doll04 STYLES SERIES R110Country Fox160
Oh, Lonesome Me04 STYLES SERIES R113Country Swing200
Old Comrades14 STYLES SERIES R119US March124
Olhos Castanhos10 STYLES SERIES R15Nice Fox100
On The Road Again05 STYLES SERIES R117Fast Blues130
On The Street Where You Live14 STYLES SERIES R13Sweet Bossa141
One11 STYLES SERIES R119Power Pop90
One More Night10 STYLES SERIES R19Night Pop68
One Note Samba12 STYLES SERIES R110Samba100
Only You01 STYLES SERIES R1350's Slow Rock80
Over The Rainbow09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing62
Oxygen04 STYLES SERIES R117Disco Gully138
Oya Lélé08 STYLES SERIES R113Latin Disco132
Oye Como Va10 STYLES SERIES R118Oye Son126
Oye Como Va10 STYLES SERIES R118Oye Son126
Oye Como Va10 STYLES SERIES R118Oye Son126
Pachabel Canon03 STYLES SERIES R111Classic95
Paloma Blanca07 STYLES SERIES R114Happy Schlager133
Papa Don'T Preach01 STYLES SERIES R115Acid Pop122
Paper Moon03 STYLES SERIES R19Classic Big Band156
Part Time Lover01 STYLES SERIES R11380's pop180
Pas På Den Knaldrøde07 STYLES SERIES R111Half Beat120
Penny Lane10 STYLES SERIES R15Nice Fox119
Penny Lover13 STYLES SERIES R112So Easy100
Perfidia Remake02 STYLES SERIES R17Beguine101
Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps10 STYLES SERIES R111Oldies110
Petite Fleur13 STYLES SERIES R12Slow Fox106
Pick Up The Pieces01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco107
Play The Ball04 STYLES SERIES R14Cool Rap95
Polonaise Blankenese07 STYLES SERIES R111Half Beat130
Popcorn07 STYLES SERIES R115Hard Techno132
Power Of Love, The02 STYLES SERIES R113Big Rock125
Pretty Woman14 STYLES SERIES R112Twist132
Private Dancer08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop118
Proud Mary02 STYLES SERIES R15Barry Dance121
Proud Mary08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop122
Puppet On A String02 STYLES SERIES R11Austrian Polka126
Put Your Head On My Shoulder04 STYLES SERIES R15Cool Slow Rock110
Quando Quando12 STYLES SERIES R111Sambalegre108
Que Sera Sera06 STYLES SERIES R19Folk Walzer 2178
Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars14 STYLES SERIES R13Sweet Bossa106
Quizàs Quizàs Quizàs03 STYLES SERIES R120Cool Cha Cha129
Radetzky March14 STYLES SERIES R119US March108
Radetzky March14 STYLES SERIES R119US March108
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head13 STYLES SERIES R11Slow Country106
Rasputin07 STYLES SERIES R114Happy Schlager122
Red River Valley04 STYLES SERIES R113Country Swing176
Red Roses For A Blue Lady10 STYLES SERIES R15Nice Fox126
Reginella Campagnola11 STYLES SERIES R113Polca 2128
Release Me13 STYLES SERIES R110Smooth Rock'N114
Relight My Fire01 STYLES SERIES R1870's Beat126
Return To Guilty05 STYLES SERIES R110Electro Beat87
Return To Sender13 STYLES SERIES R110Smooth Rock'N134
Revolution05 STYLES SERIES R117Fast Blues126
Rhinestone Cowboy04 STYLES SERIES R19Country Beat116
Rhythm Divine08 STYLES SERIES R113Latin Disco104
Rise &Fall01 STYLES SERIES R119Analog Beat85
Ritmo De La Noche06 STYLES SERIES R116Gipsy Dance122
River Kwai March , The14 STYLES SERIES R119US March120
River Kwai March , The14 STYLES SERIES R119US March120
River Of Tears01 STYLES SERIES R156_8 Ballad59
Rock Around The Clock03 STYLES SERIES R112Clock Rock'N176
Rocket Man12 STYLES SERIES R117Simple Rock70
Rocky Gonna Fly Now03 STYLES SERIES R119Contemporary Pop100
Roof Garden10 STYLES SERIES R12Morn Pop95
Rosamunde11 STYLES SERIES R112Polca 1122
Route 6605 STYLES SERIES R112Ensemble Swing160
Ruby Don'T Bring Your Love To Town04 STYLES SERIES R113Country Swing195
Runaway01 STYLES SERIES R176_8 Pop76
S.O.S.05 STYLES SERIES R18Easy Rock122
Sailing05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat64
Samba De Orfeu07 STYLES SERIES R17Guitar Samba106
Sans Contrefaçon13 STYLES SERIES R111Smooth Rock131
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town05 STYLES SERIES R112Ensemble Swing170
Santa Lucia10 STYLES SERIES R112Orch Sl Waltz90
Sapore Di Sale04 STYLES SERIES R15Cool Slow Rock100
Satin Doll14 STYLES SERIES R15Swing Medium118
Saturday Night Fever01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco110
Save The Best For Last05 STYLES SERIES R113Euro Ballad50
Save The Last Dance For Me10 STYLES SERIES R13Natural Pop122
Save Your Kisses For Me04 STYLES SERIES R110Country Fox178
Saving All My Love For You04 STYLES SERIES R15Cool Slow Rock96
Say You Love Me13 STYLES SERIES R112So Easy89
Scandal Im Preebezirk06 STYLES SERIES R120Good Rock'N178
Schenk' Mir Diese Eine Nacht04 STYLES SERIES R118Disco Schlager123
Se Veled Se Nelkuled02 STYLES SERIES R14Ballerman128
See You Later Aligator12 STYLES SERIES R18Rock'N Slow158
See You Later Aligator12 STYLES SERIES R18Rock'N Slow133
Sentimental Journey02 STYLES SERIES R111Big Band Slow92
Senza Una Donna08 STYLES SERIES R120Light Soul74
September Morn09 STYLES SERIES R117Midnight Ballad70
Shadow Of Your Smile, The03 STYLES SERIES R113Club Bossa110
She'S The One08 STYLES SERIES R119Light Rock76
Sie Will Einen Italiener07 STYLES SERIES R114Happy Schlager130
Since I Feel For You04 STYLES SERIES R15Cool Slow Rock95
Sing Sing Sing12 STYLES SERIES R11Quick Step210
Singing In The Rain06 STYLES SERIES R111Foxtrot137
Sleigh Ride04 STYLES SERIES R110Country Fox190
Smells Like Teen Spirit10 STYLES SERIES R14New Metal105
Smile13 STYLES SERIES R12Slow Fox94
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes09 STYLES SERIES R119Midnight SlSwing63
Smoke On The Water11 STYLES SERIES R120Power Rock120
Smooth Operator14 STYLES SERIES R11Sunshine Bossa118
So What'S New12 STYLES SERIES R11Quick Step192
Softly As In A Morning Sunrise05 STYLES SERIES R112Ensemble Swing180
Some Broken Hearts Never Mend04 STYLES SERIES R110Country Fox192
Some Day My Prince Will Come13 STYLES SERIES R13Slow Jz Waltz114
Someone Like You13 STYLES SERIES R114Soft Beat66
Somethin' Stupid04 STYLES SERIES R19Country Beat106
Something09 STYLES SERIES R14Love Beat69
Sometimes She Cries04 STYLES SERIES R19Country Beat89
Sometimes When We Touch05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat64
Somewhere My Love03 STYLES SERIES R110Classic W'Waltz176
Somewhere Out There05 STYLES SERIES R113Euro Ballad44
Song For Guy04 STYLES SERIES R13Cool Pop120
Sound Of Silence07 STYLES SERIES R18Guitar Serenade100
Sous Les Ponts De Paris06 STYLES SERIES R112French Valse194
South Of The Border02 STYLES SERIES R17Beguine112
Spinning Wheel13 STYLES SERIES R118Soul111
St. Louis Blues02 STYLES SERIES R110Big Band Medium125
St. Thomas08 STYLES SERIES R18Jazz Latin107
Stand By Me01 STYLES SERIES R1250's Pop119
Stardust02 STYLES SERIES R111Big Band Slow82
Stars04 STYLES SERIES R13Cool Pop108
Stars And Stripes Forever14 STYLES SERIES R119US March116
Stayin' Alive01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco110
Stella By Starlight13 STYLES SERIES R119Strings Swing155
Stranger On The Shore09 STYLES SERIES R113Medium Jazz88
Strangers In The Night10 STYLES SERIES R111Oldies104
Strani Amori09 STYLES SERIES R117Midnight Ballad78
Strong Enough02 STYLES SERIES R15Barry Dance126
Stuck On You09 STYLES SERIES R14Love Beat64
Sultans Of Swing07 STYLES SERIES R116Heart Beat152
Summer Holiday04 STYLES SERIES R113Country Swing134
Summer Nights04 STYLES SERIES R112Country Rock134
Summer Samba08 STYLES SERIES R16Jazz Bossa126
Summer Wind10 STYLES SERIES R113Orchestr Sl Fox98
Summertime08 STYLES SERIES R17Jazz Club68
Sunny Side Of The Street02 STYLES SERIES R110Big Band Medium125
Sunrise10 STYLES SERIES R16Nice Groove100
Superstition01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco108
Sur un air latino08 STYLES SERIES R113Latin Disco108
Surfin' Usa02 STYLES SERIES R16Beach Surf162
Sweet Georgia Brown06 STYLES SERIES R110Fox Band194
Sweet Home12 STYLES SERIES R18Rock'N Slow126
Sweet Home Alabama12 STYLES SERIES R16Rock Beat96
Swinging Safari, A06 STYLES SERIES R110Fox Band152
Szerelem Vonat07 STYLES SERIES R116Heart Beat133
Take A Chance On Me01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco107
Take Me Home To Country Roads05 STYLES SERIES R15Easy Country198
Take Me Out To The Ball Game03 STYLES SERIES R110Classic W'Waltz185
Take The A Train03 STYLES SERIES R117Combo Fast Swing220
Tango Delle Capinere06 STYLES SERIES R17Folk Tango 2120
Tanze Mit Mir In Den Morgen04 STYLES SERIES R19Country Beat130
Tatayoyo A08 STYLES SERIES R115Latin Schlager128
Te Deum03 STYLES SERIES R111Classic81
Tea For Two14 STYLES SERIES R18Tradit Cha Cha120
Teach Me Tonight10 STYLES SERIES R113Orchestr Sl Fox78
Tears In Heaven07 STYLES SERIES R18Guitar Serenade82
Tears On My Pillow01 STYLES SERIES R1350's Slow Rock80
Tell Her About It01 STYLES SERIES R11380's pop178
Tenderly12 STYLES SERIES R118Simple Sl Waltz85
Tennessee Waltz07 STYLES SERIES R110Guitar Waltz104
Tequila09 STYLES SERIES R17Mambo102
Thank You For The Music05 STYLES SERIES R17Easy Pop103
That'S Amore10 STYLES SERIES R112Orch Sl Waltz162
That'S The Way I Like It01 STYLES SERIES R11280's Groove111
The American Patrol08 STYLES SERIES R19Jive174
The Entertainer11 STYLES SERIES R17Piano Ragtime177
The Great Pretender05 STYLES SERIES R19Easy Slow Rock97
The Heat Is On11 STYLES SERIES R120Power Rock150
The Lion Sleeps Tonight13 STYLES SERIES R110Smooth Rock'N122
The Night (Il Ciclone)08 STYLES SERIES R112Latin Dance112
The Show Must Go On10 STYLES SERIES R14New Metal84
Theme From Thornbirds10 STYLES SERIES R117Orchestral Waltz184
There Goes My Everything07 STYLES SERIES R110Guitar Waltz92
Think13 STYLES SERIES R118Soul127
Think13 STYLES SERIES R118Soul127
This Masquerade14 STYLES SERIES R11Sunshine Bossa122
Ti Amo Ti Amo04 STYLES SERIES R15Cool Slow Rock90
Ticket To Ride04 STYLES SERIES R112Country Rock134
Tico Tico12 STYLES SERIES R111Sambalegre110
Tie A Yellow Ribbon08 STYLES SERIES R19Jive184
Tijuana Taxi06 STYLES SERIES R117Gipsy Swing200
Time After Time01 STYLES SERIES R11170's Pop130
Tintarella Di Luna14 STYLES SERIES R112Twist162
Tonight06 STYLES SERIES R114Funky pop120
Top Of The World04 STYLES SERIES R111Country Pop188
Top Of The World04 STYLES SERIES R111Country Pop191
Torn04 STYLES SERIES R114Cute Pop96
Tragedy01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco115
Travelin ? Band06 STYLES SERIES R118Go! Rock'N166
Travelin ? Jlh02 STYLES SERIES R118Blues55
True Love10 STYLES SERIES R112Orch Sl Waltz88
Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano11 STYLES SERIES R19Piano Shuffle170
Tulips From Amsterdam03 STYLES SERIES R110Classic W'Waltz185
Un Bacio A Mezzanotte06 STYLES SERIES R110Fox Band176
Unbreak My Heart05 STYLES SERIES R113Euro Ballad55
Unforgettable10 STYLES SERIES R113Orchestr Sl Fox90
Up Where We Belong03 STYLES SERIES R119Contemporary pop68
Upside Down06 STYLES SERIES R114Funky Pop106
Vamos A La Playa05 STYLES SERIES R12Dream Dance130
Venus Chillout05 STYLES SERIES R112Ensemble Swing122
Verdammt Ich Lieb' Dich01 STYLES SERIES R11380's pop196
Violino Tzigano06 STYLES SERIES R17Folk Tango 2118
Volare03 STYLES SERIES R19Classic Big Band120
Wahnsinn02 STYLES SERIES R113Big Rock134
Walk On By07 STYLES SERIES R15Guitar Bossa112
Walk Through The Black Forest12 STYLES SERIES R11Quick Step192
Walking On Sunshine01 STYLES SERIES R11380's Pop194
Walking On Water10 STYLES SERIES R13Natural Pop123
Waterloo12 STYLES SERIES R17Rock Shuffle145
Wave14 STYLES SERIES R11Sunshine Bossa136
Way We Were, The05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat68
We Are The World05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat74
We'Ll Meet Again10 STYLES SERIES R15Nice Fox108
We'Ve Only Just Begun05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat90
What A Fool Believes02 STYLES SERIES R15Barry dance122
What A Wonderful World02 STYLES SERIES R13Ballad Slow Rock96
Whatever You Want12 STYLES SERIES R17Rock Shuffle135
What'S New08 STYLES SERIES R17Jazz Club85
When A Fall In Love13 STYLES SERIES R113Soft Ballad69
When I'M Sixty Four04 STYLES SERIES R119Dixie140
When The Saints Go Marching In12 STYLES SERIES R11Quick Step200
When The Woman06 STYLES SERIES R11Fast Pop145
When Will I See You Again08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop120
When You Wish Upon A Star08 STYLES SERIES R17Jazz Club82
Where In This Love To Get10 STYLES SERIES R12Morn Pop80
Where In This Love Together10 STYLES SERIES R12Morn Pop80
White Christmas09 STYLES SERIES R120Modern Med Swing106
Whiter Shade Of Pale, A14 STYLES SERIES R12Sweet Beat78
Who Can It Be Now13 STYLES SERIES R111Smooth Rock128
Whole Again07 STYLES SERIES R119HipHop Beat94
Whole A'Kitty07 STYLES SERIES R119HipHop Beat86
Whole New World, A05 STYLES SERIES R113Euro Ballad56
Wicked Playing12 STYLES SERIES R13Real Band114
Wind Beneath My Wings, The05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat89
Winter Wonderland05 STYLES SERIES R112Ensemble Swing135
Wish You Were Here07 STYLES SERIES R16Guitar Pop67
With Or Without You11 STYLES SERIES R120Power Rock120
Without You05 STYLES SERIES R113Euro Ballad59
Woman14 STYLES SERIES R117Unplugged Ballad88
Woman In Love09 STYLES SERIES R14Love Beat84
Wonderful Tonight05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat84
Wonderful Tonight05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat84
Words02 STYLES SERIES R14Ballerman125
Words04 STYLES SERIES R11Cool Live Band92
Wounds Of Love13 STYLES SERIES R115Soft Rock77
Y.M.C.A.01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco128
Yellow Polkadot Bikini01 STYLES SERIES R117Acoustic Rhumba130
Yellow Rose Of Texas, The04 STYLES SERIES R111Country Pop220
Yellow Submarine04 STYLES SERIES R18Country Ballad116
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie05 STYLES SERIES R12Dream Dance128
Yes Sir, That'S My Baby (Lola)03 STYLES SERIES R18Charleston193
Yesterday07 STYLES SERIES R18Guitar Serenade70
You Are So Beautiful05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat60
You Can'T Hurry Love01 STYLES SERIES R11380's pop182
You Make Me Feel Mighty Real01 STYLES SERIES R1970's Disco131
You Needed Me05 STYLES SERIES R113Euro Ballad66
You Sexy Thing03 STYLES SERIES R119Contemporary pop105
You Ten Sharp05 STYLES SERIES R110Electro Beat90
You'Ll Never Walk Alone04 STYLES SERIES R15Cool Slow Rock115
Young Love01 STYLES SERIES R1350's Slow Rock77
Your Cheatin' Heart10 STYLES SERIES R15Nice Fox125
Your Love Is King14 STYLES SERIES R120US Shuffle88
Your Song15 STYLES SERIES R15Your Ballad65
You'Re The First My Last My Everything02 STYLES SERIES R15Barry Dance132
You'Re The One That I Want01 STYLES SERIES R11380's Pop192
You'Ve Got A Friend08 STYLES SERIES R118Light Pop96
Zij Gelooft In Mij05 STYLES SERIES R14Easy Beat76
Zillertaeler Hochzeitsmarsch Schlg302 STYLES SERIES R11Austrian Polka131